Rise Above Limitations To Help Others –  Minister

To overcome the challenges of everyday’s  life, such as limitations, Christians have been called upon to put on the toga of faith and seek God to prevail, in order to help many others going through similar experience.

This was the central focus of the message last Sunday at Rhema Chapel International Churches, Port Harcourt.

Preaching on a message titled’ Overcoming Limitations Others Placed On You,’ wife of the Minister -in-Charge (M. I. C), minister Mrs. Folake Ajadi explained that limitations are either caused by others who placed such on people by others or through acts of disobedience to God.

She stated that those who placed limitations do so sometimes inadvertently by just concluding you don’t look what you are wired for or ripe for it. She noted that when faced with this kind of challenge, it is up to individuals to either take our refuse such.

She explained that people who placed limitations on others don’t mean it or know the implications of their actions, citing Jesse, the father of David, who unknowingly failed to mention David to Prophet Samuel because he never understood his potential as a leader and a king.

“When you are faced with limitations, you need to be sensitive to it so that you don’t die with it, “said the preacher, who added that under the circumstance, the victim should rise above and take action in prayer to God.

She argued that some people limit you because they don’t appreciate your potentials.

She called on Christians to remain focused by speaking the word to their limitations and encouraging self enough to face it. Other approach, according to her is to consult God over the matter and ask for solutions and have faith in God and learn the guidelines spelt out by his word regarding the matter.

But she reminded the congregation that limitations are tests for experience, they are inevitable, but they strengthen individuals when they got broken despite the fact that they were thrown in the way to cause fear and discouragement.


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