ANA President, Camillus Ukah Promises To Consolidate On Achievements

The Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) hast concluded her 40th anniversary and 2021 International Convention in what could be described as a peaceful and successful event.

The convention saw to the re-emergence of Camillus Chima Ukah as President of ANA for second term.

Camillus Ukah, ANA President while making his speech began on an appreciative note and also acknowledged all those present that made the event a hitch-free one.

 In Ukah’s recent Thank You Message published on Social Media, he thanked all those who made the convention possible and also promised to consolidate on achievements recorded during his first tenure in office.

ANA President said that he was short of words to describe the joy that flows in his heart and gratitude for the overwhelming support received before, during and after ANA 40th Anniversary. He also acknowledged the unity currently existing in the Association. 

Camillus Ukah’s Thank You Message reads:: “True, the just concluded ANA Convention was an indisputable splurge but it was certainly not under the superintendence of Bacchus! Rather, it was an excess of success, of achievement, of progress and cementing of the age long zealously guarded camaraderie of the fraternity of Nigerian writers.”

“Looking back the morning after– again that mischievous phrase!– one cannot escape a sense of overawing humility that Providence chose my day to bring to fruition the relentless toil and immeasurable sacrifice and  lofty vision of my worthy predecessors.”

“For there is no gainsaying that the hosting of the writers from not only all parts of the nation but also the Continent on the piece of real estate gifted the Association by the late uncommonly cerebral soldier, Mamman Vatsa, three plus decades ago is a grand dream come true.”

“But with the giddiness of achievement comes also a sobering sense of immense gratitude. A welling up of limitless thankfulness to Almighty God and also to all the people that made the event the huge success it was.”

“One’s first thanks is of course to the ANA Congress. It was the ANA Congress that gave the mandate with which we took the baton after the dazzling relay by my predecessors.

And of these responsible elders of ANA I must pause and specially say: no sturdier support can any toddling Executive Committee boast. They have maintained the solicitude of fathers of the Association and have helped navigate numberless stormy waters.”

“But the ultimate credit belongs to the ANA Congress. And to these pen gladiators we say: thanks!”

“Thanks for the investment of confidence– in the first instalment of two years.”

“Thanks also for the endorsement of our efforts and reinvestment of confidence for another two years.

For now, let us just pledge an even improved delivery on leadership this second term.”

“For my predecessors and other elders of ANA, to my thank you I also affix a solemn commitment: the beautiful child you placed in my arms will not only thrive but will also prosper.”

“Now, it may be necessary to say this. In the course of my leadership of ANA, I have learnt one vital lesson which is: Any leader who purposes to succeed must first learn to distinguish between the statements of sense and noises of distraction and mischief.”

“For such a leader, where the statements of reason would command instant attention, the cacophonies of distraction must be disregarded and their attention-famished authors completely ignored. This, of course, does not foreclose the firm and decisive handling of mischief makers insanely intent on desecrating our rich heritage.”

“But in all, on this day, this morning after, I say thanks!”

“My people, it can only get better!”

The Association of Nigerian Authors was founded on the 27th June, 1981, during a conference convened by the late Professor Chinua Achebe.

That maiden conference of Nigerian writers which held at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka was attended by notable personalities in Nigerian literature and two Kenyan writers, Ngugi Wa Thiongo and Gacheche Wauringi.

Subsequently, the Association of Nigerian Authors was registered as a corporate body/professional association with the Corporate Affairs Commission.


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