Paul Bazia Congratulates Stanley, Wigodo

In an impressive show of the spirit of sportsmanship, former Vice Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) in Rivers State, Mr. Paul Nsanah Bazia has conceded defeat to his erstwhile boss, Job Stanley Job who won reelection by a 10 vote margin in last Wednesday NUJ Election.

Bazia wrote on his Facebook wall: ‘A New Leadership Has Emerged!’

“Fellow comrades, I want to sincerely thank you very much for your support during the last NUJ elections in Rivers State Council. Your support was overwhelming, and appreciate the love.

“I want to call on my teaming supporters to know that we have a new leadership in the Union now, and it is our responsibility to support them to succeed, because the Union make us great.

“I have earlier posted my congratulatory message on my Facebook page, but I feel it necessary to paste here too for my supporters to know loyalty is to Stanley Job Stanley now.

 That is the decision of the majority, and it is the beauty of democracy.

“Politics is over governance will commence, we should remember that the events leading to this election has portrayed our noble Union in bad light, therefore let us reduce the diatribe.

“I wish the Stanley Job Stanley led Executive the best of luck.

“Thank you very much.

“God bless Nigeria Union of Journalists, Rivers State Council”.


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