Rivers People, Residents Express Thoughts On 2023 Presidential Election

I Doubt If There’s Anybody President Muhammadu Buhari Will Choose That Nigerians Will Accept – Obinna Victor Esq

What I think about next year’s presidential election is that APC will lose the election, I see PDP taking over the power. I’m optimistic APC may lose. Why I think so is that they performed  very poor as a political party. They performed very poor in terms of governance of various states. In terms of the centre, the President, President Muhammadu Buhari, I think he himself can also know that he didn’t live up to the expectation of Nigerians. Fortunately for him this is his last tenure but I doubt if he can recommend anybody for Nigerians that Nigerians will vote for.

Obinna Victor Esq

Nigerians Should Look For Independent Candidates To Vote As President – Ojims Chikordi

My own position is that Nigerians should look for a younger person who has the energy, who has the capability to handle Nigeria’s problems. Invariably, Nigerians should also go for independent candidates where people who have interest can come out and declare their interest without party. I think that will help Nigerians.

We Should Get A Good Technocrat As President – Joseph Wori

Joseph Wori

You will agree with me that the much expected of the current President, President Muhammadu Buhari, the much promise he had made to Nigerians, in short he has fallen short of expectation and as a matter of fact I am a man who believes that the best in this point in time should rule the country without minding the tribe the person is coming from because it is when we detribalize the nation the best can come up to rule the country and govern it well. As a matter of fact, I believe whether in PDP or APC the best should be given to the country when it comes to governance so that the country would be put in a better perspective. We claim to be the giant of Africa and there are so many expectations from us that with what is going on right now we have fallen short of the standard and in all ramifications we have disappointed our brothers who rely much on us and I would advocate in order to make the country move forward that the best brains, good technocrats should be put in positions of trust. As a matter of fact, I think we should look out for who would govern the country irrespective of where the person comes from.

Lots Of Nigerians Are Not Happy With APC – Felix Ojogwu  

Felix Ojogwu

A lot of things to say about next year’s presidential election. A lot of things in terms of issue of succession: who succeeds the current President, what party he comes from into the corridors of power, what geopolitical zone are we expecting the presidency. What I have to say about it is that it’s still a dicey issue because a lot of Nigerians are not too happy with APC. Going by what we know that the ballot is stronger than the bullet, APC will not come back. The build-up right now is a showcase of Nigerians not happy with the current government. So 2023 election is likely to see PDP come back to power. Whoever it is we don’t know yet because there is a lot of permutations.   Politics and mathematics of polithinking is happening right now but if I may speak on behalf of an average Nigerian we don’t want the current party to be in leadership.

We Should Look For Credible Leader In Next Year’s Presidential Election – Prince Onwuka Henry

Prince Onwuka Henry

We are looking for a credible leader that can take us to the promised land because what we have seen so far in this APC government is not encouraging. For seven years now they have been in power, things are just going the way it’s going and we are not comfortable with it, so we are looking for a credible leader that can push us to the next level because Nigerians are suffering and we cannot continue in this level. It will be very bad that we continue in this same level come next year. It will be very, very pathetic.

We Should Not Repeat The Circle – Bosco


I’m not much interested in 2023 presidential election because the ones we have seen they have not given us hope and from the look of things we have not seen people that want to give us hope. Therefore this is why I lose interest. Yes, there will be a new president (but) when they give us a platform, that will make us know we have hope in what we want to do. That is when we can show interest but for now we have not seen any hope. We are just repeating the circle. The aspirants we have now, we are just repeating the circle. That is why we are saying we have no hope. Atiku has been in power, Tinubu has been in power, Amaechi has been in power. What is the change? (They should) make the platform to be open so that vibrant youths that other youths are looking up to will come and exercise their right but the more you are mentioning these names the more you are discouraging the people. (They should) just make the platform open because from the look of things everything has been hijacked. Let there be direct primaries for next year’s presidential election.

2023 Presidential Election Is Dicey – Hon. Paworiso Samuel Horsfall

Next year’s presidential election is very dicey. We will first of all await the outcome of the ruling party’s convention which I believe is coming up on the 26th of February and we would know what the Working Committee would come up with: where are they zoning their presidency to and then we look at it against what’s the desire of our own party PDP and begin to  take it off from there. Of course, the South here we are clamouring that it should come to the South and when it comes to the South the question is where in the South is it coming to. Will it be the South-West that have also had a bite or will it be the South-South that has already gone for one tenure and are saying that it should go again or will it be the South-East that should say that they have not in recent times had a feel of it and would want to belong as against some others who are clamouring for the Biafra State. All these dynamics will be at play when events begin to unfold.

Nigerians Should Elect A Young Person As President – Ogbonnaya Paul  

Ogbonnaya Paul

I think next year’s election is not going to be like the usual one we normally have in the country. It’s going to be something a little bit different from what the politician thinks is going to be. Presently, most of the political parties are having issue with choosing candidates, with the issue of electoral act of direct or indirect primary and these things are going to be part of the things that are going to form a very big problem for some of the political parties. A young aspirant should do us a lot of good. So I think going for a younger candidate will be very, very better.

Nigerians Should Have The Right To Choose The Next President – Stanley Chika

Next year’s presidential election is nothing but the right of the people. However I don’t think it will be possible for a younger person to come up as the president-elect of Nigeria for now.

Governor Nyesom Wike Is Needed For President – Dr. Uche Chukwuma

Dr. Uche Chukwuma

We need some change. I think we need some dynamism. In 2021 we had seen a very tortuous year. The economy has dwindled. Individuals are not finding it funny to survive. So the economy has to be looked into. Job creation for youths. Security should be looked into. Issues of state police should also be looked into. These are vital issues that we need to look into and our health facilities should also be improved. What we have today, a situation where senior politicians will be leaving the country to go for medical treatment outside the country is not good enough. What happens to our health facilities? Those people that they are going to their countries to receive medical attention, were they not the ones who developed their health facilities? Those are the questions we have to ask. Nigeria needs a vibrant young man to concentrate and do the work for the country. From the performances of the Rivers State governor, Chief Nyesom Wike, he has every right to run for president. He’s a material needed for presidency. Moreso, he’s young and energetic. What else qualifies someone to be president? He has proven himself to be a good candidate for that.

I Would Prefer Vice President Yemi Osibanjo To Become Nigeria’s Next President – Mr Shola Boyo

Mr Shola Bayo

The only thing I have to say about next year’s presidential election is first and foremost, we should just look at the right people coming into power. There should be no sentiments about the whole thing. We need people that are well experienced: they are not having godfather. We need somebody that has his own mind. The person has to have some experience of leadership at the point Nigeria is now. But for me, I would prefer the person of the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo, to become the country’s next president. I think the last time Buhari went on medical leave, for the few weeks or months (that he was in charge), what he put in place shows that the guy has what it takes. He’s capable and he’s experienced. I think he could be the best.

Governor Nyesom Wike Has Political Will To Move The Country Forward And Should Run For President – Dr. Chinogonum Chuku

Rivers State governor, Chief Nyesom Wike, should run for president in next year’s presidential election. He’s a focused person, a foresighted politician with an independent mind. He has a political will to move the country forward. He should run for president.

We Should Earnestly Look For Someone Who Could Salvage This Country – Uche


I think Nigerians are full of expectation concerning next year’s presidential election as regarding the candidate we are expecting and the nature of the president we all desire this time around. I’m of the opinion that a very younger generation should aspire this time around. We need a very healthy president, a very vibrant president, somebody that will be very digital, not analogue kind of person. So we need somebody that will carry the youths along, somebody who has the youths at heart and in constituting his cabinet I think 90 per cent of his cabinet has to be the youths. So I think we need to be very, very observant in looking earnestly to somebody that will salvage us in this our predicament.


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