Restructuring: Soberekon Prescribes Workable Model For Nigeria

Popular cleric and Niger Delta activist, Rev (Dr) Sokari Soberekon has continued his advocacy for a better Nigeria, insisting that restructuring remained the only panacea for a way forward.

The untiring activist and ‘Senior Advocate of the Niger Delta (SAND)’, told journalists in Port Harcourt, that he had espoused a workable restructuring model tailored to tackle the myriads of problems bedeviling the country, if well implemented.

According to him, the proposal has been written in goodwill, to solve the problems of Nigeria with practical steps without partisan interest, adding that the first thing that needed to be done urgently to solve the problems of Nigeria, was to restructure the country to six autonomous political zones for peace, stability, sustainability, rapid development and good governance.

Stating that the model was based on the already existing six geo-political zones of South-East, South-West, South-South, North-East, North-West and North-Central, he advocated for the names to be changed into Regions. He posited that since each of the regions have been endowed with human and material resources, it would spur a healthy competition that would trigger rapid development of the regions.

His words, “Restructuring the country would correct this injustice and encourage healthy competition among the regions for rapid development of each, since all the regions have resources that can be developed to initiate growth and development”.

On the governance structures, Soberekon who oversees the Christ Jesus Link Gospel Ministry in Port Harcourt said each region would have a Vice President, Governors, State Houses of Assembly, Council of Traditional Rulers, Youth Caucus Assembly, Women Council and Regional Police.

“The Vice President would be elected for a single tenure of 12 years and would oversee the running of the zone; while the Governors should be elected for a single tenure of 6 years.  There should be equal representation in the state Houses of Assembly; those from majority tribes should not have more than those from minority, so as to avoid oppression from the majority.

“The Council of Traditional Rulers is an advisory council for good governance; with the Youth Caucus and Women Council respectively serving in advisory capacities”, he posited.

On the presidency, Soberekon said: “The six vice presidents from the regions should form the presidency which will include the governors of the various states as well.  Each vice president should serve as the Chairman of the Presidency for two years, with the Chairman called President-General.  The position of President-General will rotate among the six regions for the single 12 years tenure of the Presidency”.

Other components captured in Soberekon’s restructuring model include Federal Police, Party System, National Anthem, National Flag, Indivisibility of Nigeria, Emergence of a new Nigeria with a new name, Federal capital, currency and High Court Judges.

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