Fmr. Health Commissioner, Sampson Parker Harps On Gains Of Molecular Laboratories

A former Rivers State Commissioner for Health Dr. Tamunoiyoriari Sampson Parker says the establishment of Molecular Laboratories in the Country would not only improve the economy of Nigeria but also build confidence and improve our healthcare delivery system.

Dr. Parker stated this in Port Harcourt on Wednesday, 2nd February 2022 while signing a memorandum of understanding between DDW Molecular Laboratories and INQABA Biotech West Africa.

According to Dr. Parker who is the Chief Executive Officer of DDW Molecular Laboratories, DDW was going into partnership with INQABA Biotech West Africa to carry out DNA sequencing, paternal and maternal dispute settlement of DNA analysis,  and DNA fragmentation.

Dr. Parker who expressed delight with the growth of molecular diagnosis in the Country said metagenomics for environmental analysis; soil analysis and so many things, which we used to spend money to do abroad, are now available in Port Harcourt.

“You remember just a few years back while I was commissioner for health the whole country had only about 2 or 3 molecular diagnostic centres but today there are quite a lot, we are counting almost about 84 in Nigeria and quite a couple of them into DNA sequencing. This will keep our money in Nigeria, this will help our economy, this will create confidence building in our health care sector, this will encourage brain gain; this will encourage foreign direct investment. I am very happy that our partners INQABA Biotech West Africa”.

In his remarks, the Regional Sales Manager of INQABA Biotech West Africa Urom Uchenna who said his company brings development to Africa through genomics, which is the science of genes and life services.

He said they were collaborating in two front’s metagenomics and genetic testing, stressing that with this environmental impact analysis that are done for oil companies would move away from the general microbiology method.

According to him, the microbiology method cannot culture every organism because some organisms cannot be cultured. “You cannot really estimate the total number of organisms in a particular environment or the total losses that they have suffered but with metagenomics you can estimate all you have lost as a result of oil exploration or activities. This also helps to guide our Bioremediation efforts across the Niger Delta”. He stressed.


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