2023: Unapologetic Doris Amachree-Cowan Slams Kalabari Leaders

…Says, “Clowns Want To Be Governor”

…You’re Treacherous, Protecting Your Senatorial Ambition, Ijuye-Dagogo Fires Back

As the race for Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike’s successor in next year Governorship Election in Rivers State gets on the marks, former Rivers State Commissioner for Water Resources and Rural Development, Dr. Doris Daba Amachree-Cowan has steered the hornet’s nest, stating she would not support a Kalabari governor, come 2023.

The former Chairman of the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), who took to her Facebook handle on Tuesday, accused some Ijaw leaders of attempting to use the name of Kalabari to achieve their selfish goals.

Doris Amachree-Cowan, formerly Doris Fisher, stated categorically that she is ‘anti-zoning’ and does not care from where the next governor of the state emerges, accusing Kalabaris of being their own greatest enemy.

Her words: “Zoning deprives us of selecting the best.  It is anti-progress.  Only weak, lazy and inept people support zoning”.

Full text of Dr. Amachree-Owen’s treatise reads:

“Once again, the pendulum swings!

Where will it stop in yet again another race for Rivers State Government House??

“The journey for the new Governor for Rivers State has made its first few steps.

We are all expectant that a good person will emerge.

“I quite frankly don’t care where he emerges from, I just want what is good for us.

Ikwerre, Ogoni, Etche, Kalabari, Okrika, Bonny, Opobo etcetc, I don’t care.

“In this game that I have keenly participated in for decades, tribe is the least of my considerations

“I state categorically that:I AM ANTI ZONING!!Zoning deprives us of selecting the best. It is anti-progress.Only weak, lazy and inept people support zoning.

“Let us not be fooled.

Whoever Wike supports will win and that’s fine by me.

“At my age, I have seen a lot of what “brother can do against brother “. My strongest allies are not Kalabari, so why should I kill myself for people who have shown great capacity for ego and evil?

Kalabari’s greatest enemy is Kalabari.

“Examples abound!!!!!!

“What I find sooooo amusing and juvenile is the posturing to get Wike’s attention.


“The “usual suspects “ have thrown decorum and pride to the dogs.

They are ready to do anything to attract Wike’s attention.

“The “Kalabaris” held a Reception for Wike in Abalama on Saturday.It was anything but Kalabari.

“It was an Abonnema affair. In fact, a Briggs and Jack affair, with a little sprinkling of Abalama, George-Kellys! All of them angling for one political position or another.


“These people went to the extent of changing an age old tradition to confer a “ Chieftaincy title” on Wike, just to show him how much they “love” him and how important it is for them to be distinguished and chosen for Governor!

“Never in the history of Kalabari has this happened!!!

It is also noteworthy that it was a major scam.

Kalabari Chieftaincies are never conferred on non Kalabaris.

“Who do they think they are to change

the order?

Greater Politicians did not dare. These neophytes think they can.??

“The Kalabari Chiefs’ Council will NEVER endorse this act! It is a Kalabari taboo!

“So, I ask:

Why would people who love Wike so much subject him to such ridicule and denigration?

Just so he sees how far they are willing to show love or how far they will go to abuse their culture and disregard tradition and their kith and kin so they can be Governor, Reps, etc??


“I weep because AMACHREE is awaiting burial.

In AMACHREE’S absence Abonnema dares to pull off this stunt!!!


“What cowardice! What audacity!As close as they claim to be to Wike, they don’t know him.

Worse, they don’t know themselves in their desperation for relevance!

“Look at the clowns who want to be Governor of Rivers State.

Even my dog knows it has eluded them.

Their desperation and ego have blinded them but Wike is not blind.

He knows everything about the plot and he’s just watching in amusement.

“AMAYANABO GBEM! Who dash una?

“When did friendship to an incumbent Governor qualify anyone for Governorship?

Was Wike Amaechi’s friend????

Was Odili Ewang’s friend??

As Wike said, where is their capacity??

“People who are ready to sell out Kalabari, disregard other major stakeholders outside Abonemma and use the name Kalabari to achieve their goal!!

What can make anyone that desperate??

“Even within Abonnema, they sidelined more astute and experienced politicians.

“If they are not insecure and lack confidence, why would they avoid inclusiveness!

Cancel culture has become the order of the day in Kalabari politics.

No matter how much you contributed to the growth of the State, you are no longer important because you are currently not in government.

“At a public function, a newly born/appointed Commissioner dared to ask me to vacate my seat for her because she was a “serving” Commissioner! She is Kalabari!

“Imagine!Wike showed her the exit not long after. Obviously, he noticed that power got to her head!I’m not current so I’m not entitled to a frontline seat!!

The look in my eye made her scamper!

“The internal crises these developments will cause in Kalabari can only be imagined!


“At least they managed to get their fifteen minutes of fame, parading themselves in their Christmas best, looking like roasted turkeys sweating in the hot sun, they struck the final nail in their coffins.

Governorship will forever elude them.

Wike is not deceived!!

“Humanity will put them where they belong!

Our land has laws.

“What a show of shame, Abalama!

“What a disgrace to my Kalabari!

“I’m laughing in Kalabari because, boy, will they pay!

“They’ll say I am jealous. Do I care?

My Political nick name is “ACCOMPLISHED!!

I have seen 9. Not afraid of 10!!

“Governor Wike, please shine your eyes.

Lead the way, we will follow, even if he’s from your Ward, we will support you. We have no faith in those around you seeking relevance.

“Nothing will happen wherever your support goes. Grumbling will last for one week, maximum and everyone will fall in line!

“In your wisdom, cover all corners. Ignore these Clowns.

We just want a good person to succeed you.




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