Murder Case: Deviants Are Targets Of The Law  – Counsel

A prosecuting counsel in a murder trial, Kingsley Briggs, has said that his responsibility is to ensure that the long arm of the law would catch up with social deviants who commit crime in society.

Speaking on Monday in an interview, the prosecuting counsel said that social deviants commit various crimes in society and if convicted should pay according to the law.

Briggs said: “Our primary responsibility is to prosecute to see that those social deviants that disturb the society that the long arm of the law should catch up with them. The ones that are innocent would go scot-free but the ones that are not innocent would pay according to the law”.

On Monday, the wife of the deceased, who was allegedly murdered, was to testify but the case was adjourned at the request of the prosecuting counsel.

Briggs said that the deceased was a businessman who dealt in cement and was kidnapped and killed and his body later found. He gave the name of the victim as Ndubuisi.

Talking about the incident, the counsel said: “He (deceased) employed a boy who takes delivery of the cement and also sells for him but I think greed took better part of the boy and the boy hatched a plan with outsiders that they wanted to buy a hundred bags of cement and there was need for the owner to come around to sign an invoice. So the unsuspecting deceased trusting his salesboy went to the point where the boy said he was negotiating with the alleged buyers and the man went down there. The man was kidnapped”.

He said that his captors tried to get across to his family for ransom but couldn’t and he was eventually murdered.

Briggs said that the deceased lived in Eneka in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area.

He said his wife had reported to the police who had started investigation.

In the process they arrested the salesboy, Sunday Aniebet, who had left and had opened a new shop where the hundred bags of cement were found.  

He said that despite police questioning the salesboy did not say anything about the crime but only said that he took his boss to where he negotiated business and had not seen him since.

The counsel said that the body of the deceased was found by farmers.

He said that police had shut down the shop owned by the salesboy and had arraigned him in court.

The counsel said the crime was committed around 2018.

The wife of the deceased, Dorcas Ndubuisi, was in court and was to testify when the case was adjourned at request of the prosecuting counsel who represents the Rivers State Government.

The presiding judge of Port-Harcourt High Court, Hon. Justice I.R. Minakiri, adjourned the case to 4 and 18 April for.

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