Glory Emeh Urges Political Parties To Fulfill Promises, Hosts Youths On Birthday Anniversary

Political parties in Nigeria have been urged to fulfill their electoral promises to the people in order to increase the confidence of the citizens in government.

This call was made by former commissioner for transport and aviation in Rivers State, Barr. Emeh Glory Emeh, at a party organized for some youths to mark his birthday anniversary on Tuesday in Port Harcourt.

He told Nigerians to expect honesty of purpose from government, even as he harped on the need for their expectations to be within the premise of what is possible and available.

The notable politician, who is a consultant in politics and governance further explained that every government has its own area of concentration, the reason why, according to him the citizens should judge a government based on its area of emphasis because cannot be perfect in everything.

“The promises made by politicians are proposals like budget, with the assumption that everything will work for good, but you know that everything cannot be equal.

“In preparing the budget, experts say, this is achievable under certain conditions, and when the parameters change and politicians are unable to deliver as promised, that does not mean they have failed the people.

“It is part of the political process- that those who want to serve will go to the people itemizing issues they plan to address.

“We should not take promises made by politicians as sacrosanct; we should take it as proposals, like a company preparing its budget for another financial year.

“However, they may or may not be able to meet expectations because of unanticipated changes that limit performance”, he said.

While advising the youth on the benefits of competitive politics and the fact that time and tide waits for no one, Chief Emeh implored Nigerian youths to be disciplined and take whatever they are doing serious in order to secure their future.

“For us to grow to this age today, required a lot of discipline. My circumstance in life exposed me to where I am but to achieve whatever I may have achieved today is a result of discipline”, he summed.

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