Police Officer Faces Culpable Homicide

A Police Sergeant Imhanlulor is facing culpable homicide for allegedly killing in 2016 a commercial bus driver around Mile III axis of Port-Harcourt.

Speaking about the case, the state counsel, Kingsley Briggs, from the Rivers State Ministry of Justice working with Department of Public Prosecutions (DPP) said that the sergeant was of the MOPOL Section and was always on Special Duty and faced culpable homicide for allegedly pulling the trigger and killing an “innocent bus driver”.

He said that the sergeant allegedly pulled the trigger and killed the bus driver while on duty on a stop and search operation.

He however said that witnesses at the scene said that it was the “usual nature” of the police to stop and search vehicles and extort money from the drivers.

He said that the sergeant was probably infuriated and had shot at the driver for failing to stop when ordered to do so.

He however said that the police sergeant had said that the vehicle had hit him and he had placed his finger on the trigger leading to an accidental discharge which had killed the bus driver.

He said the bus driver died while they were rushing him to hospital.

He said the sergeant who is in custody was subjected to orderly room trial saying his colleagues who testified said he was careless with his rifle.

He said that the sergeant was first arraigned in magistrate court by Rivers State Police Command and when the court had declined jurisdiction it had sent his file to the Director of Public Prosecutions who had preferred the charge of murder against him and the case had been moved to the High Court.

He said that six persons gave evidence over the case saying that he had already closed his case.   

The police sergeant had pleaded not guilty to charge of murder.

The Rivers State Government has been prosecuting the case which is before Hon. Justice E.N. Thompson of Port-Harcourt High Court.

The matter is billed for cross-examination by state counsel on 1 March.

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