Relationship Experts Identify “Safe Support System” As Veritable In Overcoming Stress

In a bid to survive the stress occasioned by hard times in our society, people have been advised to adopt a “Safe Support System” to help alleviate the effects of stress on them.

The Chairman of Quantum Business School in Port Harcourt, Mr. Victor Itonyo gave the advice during the Family, Business and Love programme organised by Advancing Women in Business, an initiative of Quantum Business School and Entrepreneurship Centre in partnership with The Step Media Network.

He urged Nigerians to reduce stress which is killing people rapidly by creating an atmosphere that can bring peace of mind adding that the standard of living for many Nigerians have become more problematic, thereby forcing many citizens to go beyond their limits inorder to survive the current economic woes.

Itonyo however urged Nigerians to do things differently by setting up family businesses which according to him, would build industries and create generational wealth and financial stability

On his part another relationship expert, Pst. Wisdom Osiri urged the citizens to make themselves happy and their homes a friendly abode.

According to him, there is so much pressure every where such that the World Health Organization (WHO) has said stress has become a world pandemic noting that People now have lot of problems that they can no longer share with people.

He said, people can help one another overcome stress, advising, that wives should help their husbands, while husbands should also help their wives and children so as to make the home peaceful and stress free.

Still on how best to overcome stress, Dr. Spehenie Oarhe, urged Nigerians not to allow the social media, friends to put them under pressure, but to utilize their brain for better things.

Also speaking, the Executive Director of Step-Up Media Network, Mrs. Ann Godwin, urged Nigerians to imbibe the culture of self development and critical values.

She averred that a would-be couple must improve on capacity, competence and work towards making their families become financially viable and not just allow themselves to be carried away by the mere emotional love.

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