Ex-Super Eagles Stars Lambasted For Visiting Tinubu

Nigerians have taken a swipe at Kanu Nwankwo, Okocha and other former Super Eagles football stars who visited Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a presidential aspirant.

Misconstruing the visit as a kind of endorsement of his presidential ambition, these Nigerians who spoke on various media platforms, particularly social media wondered why these popular stars could not come together and think of ways to rescue Nigeria from what they described as “the inept leadership of senile politicians who have lost ideas on how to govern a country”.

The less charitable ones alleged that money changed hand, stressing that was the reason these respected ex internationals were working to foist another old man on Nigerians as president and described the idea as horrible.

Taking the criticisms to the realm of ridicule, some of these angry Nigerians compared their action to that of George Weah, another ex international footballer who has become the president of Liberia.

“Here in our country, our respected ex international footballers because of lucre are falling over themselves endorsing another old man for president, while in Liberia, George Weah their mate has become the president of that country. What a shame,” they lamented.

Waxing stronger in their ridicule, some of them sarcastically asked if they had PVC’s, stressing that their alleged endorsement of Tinubu would amount to nothing as Nigerians are the ones to vote in the elections.

Now a snippet of their reactions from social media, especially Facebook.

Gabriel Ohaeri: Endorsing is not voting. If Tinubu is sharing money, they should collect their own. The money belongs to Nigerians. If it comes to me, I will take.

Amadi Goodluck: They had gone to take their own share of the money being distributed. This is the only time politicians share money. If I see, I will collect.

Amaechi Ude: If their intention for going there was to foist another old man on Nigerians as president, it shall not work. The people will vote and decide who would govern them in 2023.

Karl Chinedu Uchegbu: The tragic reality of Nigeria contemporaries. One is president of his country, the other is praying for an octogenarian grandpa to come and lead him. A tale of utter hopelessness and helplessness.

John Loveday Nnoche: If you like gather the whole old and new teammates, Nigerians know what to do at the appropriate time. To vote for one leg in Nigeria, one leg in London. No one should ask me anything ooo.

Nathaniel A Ngerebara: These ones are now looking for what to eat, because pool betting is not enough to sustain Okocha, church could not sustain Taribo and Kanu so is the Robinhood money that will keep their heads above the waters. Okocha did the same to GEJ, and it didn’t work. These same persons for Bello, it did not also work.

Elvis Evans: It is evident they are broke, sadly, they just killed their  good names. Their mate George Weah is the president of Liberia. What stops any of them from contesting the presidency. We need young blood, not recycled old schools.

Okorie Evans: Where is our integrity as a people?

Aminu Muhammed: Say whatever you like concerning Jagaban, he is the next president in 2023, if you like go hug the transformer.

Amakiri Amah: Who told these ex players that Nigerians need another old man as president? Have they not seen what Buhari, an octogenarian who was foisted on Nigerians as president has turned the country, abandoning governance in preference for medical jamborees abroad. Now they want Tinubu, another old man who many Nigerians have alleged is sick to become president so that he will be travelling  up and down to London to tend for his health.

This is not what I expected from these well respected football prodigies who had brought laurels and honours to their country. They should not be seen to be playing politics with the problems bedeviling our country.

Okey Emeagwali: I used to have respect for them, but by endorsing an old man, Tinubu for president I have lost respect for them. They should retrace their steps.


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