Rivers People, Residents Speak On Governor Nyesom Wike’s Declaration To Run For President

Governor Nyesom Wike Will Do Very Well As President Of Nigeria – Hillary Weneda Nwonodi

To me it’s a welcome development. With what he has done in this state and his political records, he will do perfectly well as the President of this country. So it’s a welcome development. I wish him all round success from the beginning to the end of it. At the end we know that he will be victorious. I know that PDP is the only political party that can rescue this country. I wish him all the best. We know that once you are running for the presidency, first thing is to get the party’s ticket then we know that you are running under that party. I wish him all the best.

He Will Do More As President – Gideon Iheme   

Gideon Iheme

I will support  Nyesom Wike. I will support him fully. I’ve seen what he has done. I’ve been in Port-Harcourt from 1970s and I’ve not seen a governor like him. He has done so many things. If he becomes President he will do more than this. I wish him goodluck and I will fully support him. I’ve my voter’s card. I will vote for him.

I Wish The Governor Success  – Mrs Racheal Iheme

Actually, I’m in support of him running for President. He has turned Port-Harcourt as the Garden City it’s known for. I wish him success.

We’ve Seen What He Has Done For Rivers People. I’ll Vote For Him – Ugochukwu Nwokocha

Ugochukwu Nwokocha

For me it’s a very good idea. We have all seen what he has done for Rivers people. There are things you don’t need somebody to tell you. With what you are seeing with your eyes, you will know that he’s a good governor and he can do better if he becomes the president of the country. So for me, I will give him my support because I have my voter’s card and I think Rivers people will give him their full support. I wish him goodluck because already he’s a good man and notwithstanding when you are good you must step on so many people’s toes. That is sure. When you want to do something good, it’s not everybody that will support you but I believe that 60 per cent or 70 per cent of Rivers people will support him.

Governor Wike Should Not Run For President – Fred Enebeli

Fred Enebeli

For me the governor doesn’t have all it takes to be the President of this country. He should first of all think of civil servants’ promotion. Civil servants have not been promoted in Rivers State. Gratuity has not been paid to pensioners. Cost of living in Port-Harcourt is increasing while civil servants’ salaries are not increasing. Pensioners are suffering. He should forget his presidential ambition. Anytime it rains Port-Harcourt is flooded so he should think about that and forget his ambition.

I Wish Him Goodluck From Primaries To Final Election – Ikechukwu Kennedy

Ikechukwu Kennedy

It’s a good development for us to have somebody like him to run for President. I know that he will do well because he’s a man of the people. He has done a lot in the state, building flyovers. He’s doing a nice work. I wish him goodluck from the primaries to the final election.

For Me I Wouldn’t Want Governor Nyesom Wike To Run For President – Sophia Solomon     

For me I wouldn’t want him to go for presidency because for example what he did in Rivers State, in one aspect he tried for the flyovers but there’s no employment. I’m a graduate and I could remember after graduation they said he’s going to provide jobs and till now nothing. All my stay in school, I started 2014 and there was no bursary. Right now, my dad has been retired since 2016, till now he has not been paid his pension. So I don’t want him to run for President.

Governor Wike Is A Visionary – Sunday Nwafor  

Sunday Nwafor

The way we see him, he’s a visionary. He’s doing well and if he goes ahead to become President, he will do more for the nation. So let God guide him and also do his wish for him to do more.

I’m Not Against His Running For President But As Governor He Should Do Some Things  – Pappah Korubo

In Rivers State, since his coming to power he has not paid any gratuity to retired civil servants. No promotions. In short, his service to civil service is zero. The flyovers are only concentrated in Port-Harcourt. Rivers State is not only Port-Harcourt. The bulk of the money he’s received from the oil-producing areas, what has he done to oil-producing areas? I’m not against his running for presidency, but when you travel down to rural areas, all the riverine areas, the roads are in bad shape.

It’s Welcome Development To South-South And South-East As Well – Christian Aleke

Christian Aleke

His Excellency Wike is a good man and he has done well for the state. If his intention is running for 2023 presidential election, it is good and it is welcome development to South-South and South-East as well. So I wish him well and may God grant his heart’s desire. We need somebody like him that will speak and stand on his word. He’s a man of his word.

He’ll Change The Situation Of Nigeria If Elected President – Elder Vincent Amadi

From what he’s doing in Rivers State if he’s President of Nigeria, things will change. I wish him goodluck and strength throughout the process.

With Governor Nyesom Wike As President No State Will Be Without Development – Chief Samuel Iroko Ehio, Eze Iwai I Of Rumuokwuta

Chief Samuel Iroko Ehio, Eze Iwai I of Rumuokwuta

From what I see him do as a governor, if he becomes the President of Nigeria I don’t think there will be a state that will be without development because he’s Mr Project. He loves doing things in order so I believe that is the type of man we need to be our President not somebody who will be dumping money, money will be there and it will not be invested. We need people who will invest so that our children will follow him and enjoy. If Governor Nyesom Wike becomes President, he will lift up the youth. I wish him the best to become the President.

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