Peter Obi Fever Grips Nigerians

It appears the hand of God is in the presidential bid of Peter Obi. This divine approval of his presidential project must be responsible for the wide support the former Anambra State Governor is receiving from Nigerians.

Everywhere you go, the song on the lips of the citizens, particularly the commoners, is Peter Obi, Peter Obi, and Peter Obi. Among these common people singing the praises of Obi are the vast majority of the youths whose future has been messed up by the APC Government.

Why are these oppressed Nigerians making a case for Peter Obi’s presidential ambition? They wholeheartedly believe that he has what it takes to bring Nigeria out of its current political, economic quagmire and reposition it in the path of progress and economic development. Many of them had alluded to what they described as his prodigious achievements when he was the governor of Anambra State. Obi according to them, repositioned Anambra State making it a hub for local and foreign investors. It is their belief that Obi would replicate in Nigeria what he did in Anambra if voted into power. They have gone out on sensitization campaigns telling Nigerians, particularly the youths whose future has been mortaged by the APC, to support and vote for Peter Obi in next year’s presidential election.      

According to them, Obi is the only presidential candidate whose hands were not soiled in lucre as opposed to Tinubu and Atiku who they alleged stole Nigeria blind.

“We want a total break from the past, Obi represents that break and Nigerians should vote for, and make him president in 2023. We can no longer trust these old politicians who stole our money and are using it to oppress us. If they come to you with our stolen money, collect, but at the election, vote for Peter Obi and Labour Party”, one of them said.

Social Media and some traditional Media are now awashed with the Peter Obi story. Nigerian youths both at home and in the Diaspora have invaded the social media platforms with the Peter Obi story, telling Nigerians why it is necessary to support the former Anambra State governor to become president in 2023. In Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Phoenix and other platforms, majority of the news stories there centre around Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party.

Let’s now look at posts, responses and comments from Peter Obi’s fans in the social media.

Stan Eke: Peter Obi is the man for the job. He is the most qualified among the other two presidential candidates and the youngest. He is a first class economist who knows what it entails to transform Nigeria economically. His speeches, arguments and analysis show that what Nigerians were looking for in a leader were in him. Nigerians should elect him president in 2023 if they want the country transformed politically and economically.

Abdullahi Umar, a Diplomat and Social Media Influencer: I went to greet my mother, I told her that I want to vote for Peter Obi, my mom prayed for me and encouraged me to support a competent and honest leader irrespective of his religion. I love my mom.

Abdullahi Umar is from the Northern part of the country.

Margaret Ujerekre: Nigerians should vote for a person with the capacity to uplift the standard of our suffering country men and women. They should not vote based on tribe or religious affiliation. Peter Obi seems to me the man God is preparing to rescue Nigeria from economic and political quagmire. I will vote for him.

Jonhson Okpala: No Nigerian person with his or her right senses will ever vote for PDP or APC. Peter Obi is the right man for now. I and my household will support and vote for him. He is a breathe of fresh air from the old brigades.

Josephine Odogwu: We all shall vote Peter Obi for president. His popularity has enhanced the status of the Labour Party, and now the party is looking good to produce Nigeria’s president next year. Everybody should come out to campaign for him. He is our hope for the rescue of Nigeria.

Stephen Onyeaka: I am not supporting Obi because his is an Igbo man or because he is a Christian. Obi does not represent Igbo interest. There are very plenty Igbo politicians who represent Igbo interest far better than Obi, but then not pure. Peter Obi is detribalized. His popularity cut across tribal and religious lines.

Boma Ikare: With Peter Obi’s economic blueprint, no candidate can defeat him in a free and fair election. He is in the lips of everybody, the youths, men and women, the oppressed, the beggers. His victory is assured in a free and fair election. I advise the money bag candidates to take their money to somewhere else and leave Obi’s supporters alone. They are quite determined to put the former governor in Aso Rock come 2023.

Obi’s fans are so many that if you list all of them here, space would not contain them. Suffice it to say that these fans are determined through their actions to make sure that the Labour Party presidential candidate is voted into power in 2023.

Few prominent Nigerians have also been speaking on the credibility and possibility of Obi becoming president. These eminent Nigerians believe that Peter Obi’s presidency will give hope to the hopeless Nigerian youths the APC government has made futureless. Only two of them are mentioned here.

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, former President: OBJ had in his speeches and actions show that he supports Peter Obi becoming president. The former president had encouraged Obi to go on with his presidential project when the labour party candidate visited him at his home in Ogun State. Again during his 85th   birthday celebration, Obasanjo had urged Nigerian youths to secure their future by participating in politics to ensure that power shifts from those messing things up”.

“If you leave things to those who are messing it up for you and who are saying you are the leaders of tomorrow, you will never have that tomorrow. Today is your day”, OBJ said during his 85th birthday celebration.

The former president prayed for God to provide those who would help the youths to reach the sky, which he said should be their limit.

Analysts have described Obasanjo’s speech as a veild reference supporting Peter Obi’s bid, who they believe was not among those he pilloried as messing the country up. Besides, the phrase “God should provide those who would help the youths to reach the sky” fits Peter Obi, the Labour Party candidate.

Doyin Okupe Obi’s Campaign Organisation Director-General has also spoken of the possibility of the former Anambra State governor becoming president.

Okupe said in an interview that even if it was going to take forming alliance with other small parties, Labour will not hesitate in order to have a formidable party that would easily defeat the PDP and APC at the presidential election.

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