Next Rivers Governor Must Relate To People, To Drive Dev., Says Lulu-Briggs

The Rivers flag bearer of the Accord Party in the 2023 general elections, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, has stated that the next governor to rule the State must consistently relate the programmes of government to the people for it to drive positive development.

Lulu-Briggs, who made the disclosure during an interaction with representatives of the business community and professional bodies in Rivers State on Sunday, said the success of many administrations during the 90s was due to the fact that the leaders engaged the people and made their programmes and policies known to them.

He noted that for the administration that would come in 2023 to success, it must engage the residents of the state and relate its programmes holistically to them.

His words, “The governor must be an engaging governor. He will engage with Rivers indigenes for them to know their feelings and where they. Programmes of government will be communicated to the people and transparency shall be the watchword.

“If the people understand that truly you are working for them, they will understand that there is a time that you must use to grow certain things that you need to see happen.

“All of their desires will not happen overnight, but they need to know that you are truly working to ensure that their lives are better. It is important that there is no misunderstanding between the public and the public servant.

“What you are doing as a public servant must be understood by the public. Because of where we are today, a lot of talking has to take place, you need to build people’s confidence in government again.”

The oil mogul noted that the state have potentials to grow a huge economy in the nation, adding that all that is required is cooperation amongst people of the state.

“I use this dinner to also speak to the business community of Rivers State, to find out from you the level of collaboration you would want in the next administration and how to develop ideas into policies that will help transform the State.

“There are innumerable opportunities that abound here in Rivers State. All we need to do is to harness all of that, come with policies that will expand the economy, that will accommodate all of us, build our institutions and strengthen them so that they can hold all our aspirations and Rivers State of our dream will begin to happen.

“Whatever they have there in Lagos we have here and even more. Why we have not been able to excel is that we have become hateful of ourselves. We are not cooperating. We are not using the best amongst us. But we have decided that this time we are going to have paradigm shift. We are going to ensure that we use the best to grow the rest of us. For us to achieve this, we must all come together and understand ourselves”, he said.


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