Tinubu, Atiku Procure Presidential Tickets With Money, Threat – Adamu


A Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Adamu Adamu has alleged that the presidential candidates of the APC and PDP, Bola Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar procured the tickets of their parties fraudulently.

According to Adamu who is the Minister of Education in a report monitored in one of the social media platforms, Tinubu secured the APC presidential ticket with money and threat while Atiku procured his by allegedly bribing the delegates.

Hear Adamu: “PDP did not give Atiku ticket. He bought it with money. Even the Southerners could not resist his Dollar. And that is the capacity the party need.”

He stressed that Atiku’s choice of VP was based on whom he could control, hinting that he rejected Governor Wike as Vice because he knew he would not be able to control him.

On Bola Tinubu, Adamu said: “BAT bought his ticket with money and threat. There was need to keep agreement, else the cat will be let loose. And his choice of Vice presidential candidate was based on who is ruthless enough to champion the Northern muslim votes”.

Adamu’s veiled reference to threat could not be divorced from the verbal diatribe Tinubu voiced out vociferously prior to the presidential primaries that he would expose ‘hidden’ secrets in the presidency if he was not chosen as the favoured one.

The Education Minister said the supporters of Tinubu and Atiku were the long term structures that had kept Nigeria in the dark while the world was making progress, adding that the duo want the evil to continue.

“They use their structures to collapse the national structures. And they are boasting about those structures even to our faces”, he said.

Making further analysis on how they emerged as their parties’ flagbearers, Adamu said Peter Obi picked Labour Party ticket based on his integrity, financial prudence and outstanding leadership prowess, adding that he went for Datti who possess similar qualities like him. “He needed someone who will look into his eye and say no,” Adamu said.

The Minister said because Obi acknowledged that he doesn’t know it all, he believes in team work, stressing that his supporters are the people without structures, the downtrodden, the poor masses, the beggars and the labourers who were cursed to labour till death.

He described the common people that were supporting Obi as those the ‘evil’ structures were trampling upon.

Hear Adamu, “Obi is not standing for himself. He is standing for the masses. He is not the one contesting. The masses are contesting through him.

He is not standing for any specific tribe or religion. He is standing for all tribes and religions. He is the hope of the common man. With him, Nigeria will be great”.


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