Oath Taking: Umuburu/Umuabazu Celebrates

Umuburu/Umuabazu community, Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State can now take full possession of a disputed land between them and Umuosubi community, also in Etche for surviving traditional oath taking for their neighbouring Umuosubi community.

Addressing newsmen recently, a member of the family that took the oath, Mr. Ikeka Nwaobilor said they took the oath on August 12, 2021 which has lasted one year as traditionally required to prove their truth and position on the matter.

He stated that the people of Umuosubi brought two different oaths for them to swear, convinced they would not survive if they were not the rightful owners of the disputed land but the gods of the land have proved them right which calls for celebration.

He disclosed that the two popular juju: Uzzy Akpoku in Etche and Ometara-Je or Ohanjoku from Umudi Igbodo in Etche were brought by their opponents to kill them but they survived because they were sure the disputed land belonged to their forefathers which they inherited.

According to Mr. Nwaobilor, they are jubilating and celebrating the oath survival which has given them the right to reclaim their disputed land.

He maintained that having survived the oath, it means that the gods of the land have vindicated them to be the bonifide owners of the disputed plots of land.

 “Our gods have gone round and proven them innocent”, the juju priest said.

Most of the elders of Umuburu/Umuabazu including: Ikeka Nwaobilor, Elder Joseph Nwaobilor, Eze Nwaobilor, Chidi Nwaobilor, Oguzie Nwaobilor and Azuorgu Nwaobilor respectively said that they were happy to have seen their brother survive the oath-taking after one year, and urged their opposing side to quit the land and embrace peace since the gods of the land have spoken, and that remains the truth.

Highlights of the event include cutting of hair by the ‘juju’ priest, Eze Ben Ofor at his shrine Uzzy Abpoku and libation to the ancestors as well as dancing among others.


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