Is There A Superior Ijaw Amongst The Ijaws In Rivers State

With the latest political development in the state, it has become  preposterous, counterproductive, repulsive and mischievous for an Ijaw son or daughter to join force with any Uplander fighting Gov Wike for not securing the governorship ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in the State.

I cannot come to term with the reason behind the grand conspiracies and emboldened dagger-drawn, fighting Gov Nyesom Ezenwo Wike CON. GSSRS.POS Africa, because Siminialayi Joseph Fubara got the governorship ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party in the state.

Pursuant to the primary election to elect candidate of the party, these same people from the Ijaw Nation were everywhere appealing to the consciences of the governor and other ethnic groups to consider the Ijaw-Riverine bloc to produce the next governor of the state after power had been domiciled in the hands of the Uplanders for twenty four years since Nigeria returned to Democratic Rule in 1999.

Some even threatened thunder and brimstone if power goes out of the Riverine axis again in 2023, because the Ijaws have paid their dues in all aspects of human existence. Hence, should be given an opportunity to also preside over the affairs of the State for the next coming eight years.

These people were very critical of any Uplander nursing gubernatorial ambition and would quickly remind the person to jettison such ambition because it defied every logic and sound reasoning for power to be transferred from one uplander to another. Infact, such political travesty could throw the state into unprecedented anarchy and chaos because the Ijaws would vehemently resist such preposterous action that would classify them as second class citizens in a state they are contributing immensely for her survival.

The plea made by the Ijaws at different fora and symposiums for a power shift were justifiable as they formed the basis of the decision taken by the leadership of the party in the state.

It was not because the governor or leadership of the party were overwhelmed by the threats made by some handful of people prior to the primary election, but for the sake of equity, fairness, justice, and by extension in the spirit of unity and coexistence, the leadership of the party harkened to the plethora of genuine plea from well meaning persons from the Riverine axis and others alike, supported an illustrious Ijaw son in the person of Siminialayi Joseph Fubara to clinch the governorship ticket of our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party and has become the candidate of the party to contest the governorship election in 2023.

Rather than appreciating and thanking Gov Nyesom Ezenwo Wike CON. GSSRS. POS Africa for breaking the jinx of twenty four years the Riverine bloc had been fighting to break, some selfish Politicians amongst the Riverine Group are angry with the governor because they did not secure the governorship ticket of the party.

As if that was not enough, they have overnight bonded ties with the same Uplanders they warned never to contemplate vying for the office of the governor because it was the turn of the riverine, which they bluntly ignored and contested but did not get the governorship ticket.

Hence, they have declared a cold war with the governor for supporting Amaopusenibo Siminialayi Joseph Fubara to emerge as the candidate.

At this juncture, I am tempted to ask, what exactly did these cream of politicians want in the first place? Is Opobo no longer an Ijaw Community? Is Siminialayi Joseph Fubara not an Opobo man? Is he not qualified to contest for an elective office? What is their reason of fighting Gov Wike even after the Riverine has secured the party ticket?

Are these cream of politicians not supposed to be under compulsion closing rank with the governor and deliver their own brother and son? What is the rationale behind all these bickerings and mudslinging every now and then? Would I be correct to say that, their actions are borne out of despicable greed?

Let me go further, are these men claiming to be more of Ijaw than the Opobo born politician, Amaopusenibo Siminialayi Joseph Fubara whom the political pendulum had swung into his cabin?

Would these politicians not have vilified Gov Wike if he had unilaterally given the governoship ticket to an uplander in place of a Riverine son or daughter?

I reiterate my question for the second time, na wetin ona want from Gov Nyesom Ezenwo Wike naaa?

Please, take full notice that, Ijaw is not just one, two, three of four Local Government Areas in the state but up to ten Local Government Areas in Rivers State. Anyone who gets the party ticket from the Ijaw extraction is very cool with us.

It would be productive and Honeypot to the Ijaw Nation if all and sundry rally round the candidature of Amaopusenibo Siminialayi Joseph Fubara to ensuring that, the party secures victory at the polls in the forthcoming general election in 2023.

That is the only way to go if you truly love the Ijaw Nation. No Ijaw is superior to another, Know this and have peace before you develop cardiac arrest, and “both minimum and maximum phyliancalus.””sic”#


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