Re: Interesting Days Ahead

By Daniel Tomoni Solomon

The Governor of Rivers state, Chief Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has in a state broadcast of late hinted on a clandestine move by political Jobbers to set the state ablaze and warned of its dire consequences.

The Governor appealed to the General public not to let or give their facilities in whatever guise to such unscrupulous elements or face the likehood of a seizure of such facility or business premises.

Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike doesn’t act on impulse. He works with credible informations in situations such as this and I am sure he had acted on strong intelligence which has perhaps necessitated his actions if any.

Chief Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, the Governor of Rivers state and Sir, the Rt. Hon Asustin Adiele are of the same ethnic nationality. They will sort out themselves “if there’s any political difference”.

Bringing in the fight against insecurity in the state as a fight against Sir Austin Opara could best be described as unfortunate, irresponsible, callous and wiked to say the least.

I expect the author of the above careless script to be investigative and circumspect in his reportage.

Similarly, bringing in the name of the standard bearer of the People Democratic Party in Rivers state, Amaopusenibo (Sir.) Siminialayi Joseph Fubara to an issue that doesn’t have direct bearing on him could best be described as a crass display of ignorance, lack of all known intelligence(s) and an activity of a tramadol influenced mind.

Let it be known to you, Mr. author, that Amaopusenibo (Sir.) Siminialayi Joseph Fubara is a true son of the Ijawland from the ancient Kingdom of Opobo to be precise.

He has no single molecule of blood that can be traced to Ikwerre land not to talk of being a cousin of H.E Nyesom Ezenwo Wike.

Siminialayi Joseph Fubara’s father, Elder Fubara is from the Fubara’s group of Houses in Opobo and his mother, Madam Fubara (Nee Jaja) is from the Jaja’s group of Houses all in Opobo.

Siminialayi Joseph Fubara was born on January 28, 1975 in Opobo.

Let it also be known to you that he is not standing trial of any crime anywhere around the world talkless of the EFCC.

The EFCC can not invite, investigate and charge any official of the Rivers State Govt, past and present, the law of the land forbids them.

There’s a valid court Judgement against the EFCC since 2007 during the administration of Dr. Peter Otunaya Odili. The suit was instituted by the then Attorney General of the state, Odein Ajumogobia, SAN for and On-behalf of the then Governor and the Rivers state Government and her officials.

It is only the Rivers state House of Assembly that can summon an official of the state, past and present. Be informed.

Linking Siminialayi Joseph Fubara to such outrageous, frivolous and out of the pit of hell blackmail as orchestrated by your likes is disrespectful and Insulting on the person of the incoming Governor of Rivers state, a true Ijaw son by all standard and Ijaws from all works of life are solidly and unflinchingly behind him.

In case you’re not aware, Dakuku Adol Peterside lost a N6bn libel suit as instituted by Sir. Dr Peter Odili. The supreme Court has ruled that he  Dakuku Adol Peterside has a case to answer.

You could be sued for libel if you do not discontinue on this path of libeliousness and the deliberate spread of falsehood and self destruct.

A stich in time, saves nine.

Daniel Tomoni Solomon, Writes from Port Harcourt.


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