When Men Don’t Know You

By Atonyesia Dimieari-Peterside

David, the son of Jesse was not reckoned with as a son whose destiny was to turn the fortunes of this family, talk more, Israel.

Assumed a recluse, his family didn’t know, until the whole of Isreal walked the edge of the precipice, that in him was the solution to the taunting darts of Goliath the Philistine.

Not given to the vabuosity and accoutrements of power, David, simply (emphasis, mine) appealed to King Saul to allow him confront Goliath without the known paraphernalia of a warrior. His sling and few randomly picked pebbles were his physical weapons against the towering giant.

Fear, for the life of the young David, walked through the camp and minds of King Saul and the army of the Israelites. That little boy, enamoured by the power within and power upon, decimated the Philistines.

Siminalayi Joseph Fubara can be likened to the unknown David, the bush boy, the Shepard boy that killed Goliath and brought glory to Isreal. David never sought the validation of any mortal before confronting Goliath. Even his brothers detested the idea of David putting himself up in battle against the bulldog of Gath.

Truth is, when men don’t know you, they create confusing images of you to themselves. Their imaginations of who you are, are strained by their misconceptions of who you are and who you ought to be.

They say you don’t live in their society, hence you are a nobody. You don’t drink their kind of drinks, hence you are a pauper. They say you don’t speak their urbane language, hence your brain is bleak upstairs; you have not arrived.

When men don’t know you, they don’t know that they are like the proverbial oil, dancing -unknowingly, on water – floating without mixing with the core ingredients in the pot. They fail to realise that you are the fire and the heat that energises the fahrenheit.

As the countdown to the 2023 elections begins, the much needed opportunity has come for us to sieve the smooth talkers from the real lovers of Rivers State; it’s time to separate those who gloat in the ephemeral and the mundane from the realists.

Siminalayi Joseph Fubara represents the new phase of robust engagements; he is coming in the simplicity of his vision for a greater Rivers State. Sim has picked his pebbles and his sling to confront the challenges of Rivers State. His eyes are on the foreheads of those challenges, and with divine swing of the sling, the pebbles will strike the right foreheads.

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