PVC Collection Sensitization: Massive Turnout As GDI Visits Gokana

It was another historic moment on Sunday 21st August, 2022 as the Grassroots Development initiative, GDI took its PVC Collection Sensitization rally to Gokana local Government area.

The rally which attracted the creame of the Gokana political elite including Chief Kenneth Kobani, Dr Fred Kpakol,  Chief /Mrs Priscillia Vikue among others took place at Central State School Mogho.

The mammoth crowd at the rally from the 17 wards of Gokhana was intimidating, alluding to the overwhelming support Gokana people have given to the Grassroots Development initiative.

Describing the mammoth crowd at the rally, Chairman of Inter Party Advisory council, IPAC, Ambassador Desmond Akawor called it “Sea of human beings and Gokana Earthquake “.

Ambassador Akawor said he decided to attend the Gokhana rally in order to visit his friends especially those in Ward 16.

He thanked GDI for what it is doing in educating the people of the state on PVC collection and the people of Gokhana for their massive turnout for the event .

The PDP Gubernatorial Candidate, Amaopusenibo Siminialayi Fubara in his remarks warned the people not to give any information about their PVC to anyone.

The PDP Standard bearer informed that very soon some persons would approach them with all sorts of empowerment packages in order to get their PVC, but warned that under no circumstances should they compromise by giving them the PVC or information on the PVC.

“Some people will come and promise you empowerment. These are people who have not remembered you for these many years. Don’t give your PVC information to them. Safeguard your PVC.

The person that will give you money for your PVC commit the same offence as the person that will give you money for vote. Please don’t fall for them for any reason “.

He thanked them for their support for GDI, assuring that the support would not go unrewarded.

The Chief of Staff, Government House, Emeka Woke advised media houses to be objective in their reportage and avoid sensationalism.

He said he came to confirm if GDI had no supporters in Gokana as was being speculated in the Media but noted that the body still commands enormous support in the area, and thanked them for believing in the present administration which has brought development to them.

High point of the event was jiration by the 17 wards in the local government area.

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