Former Rivers Attorney-General Dusts Critics Of Tony Okocha

Former Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Rivers State, Worgu Boms has taken a swipe at politicians criticizing the appointment of Chief Hon. Tony Okocha as the Rivers State Coordinator of Bola Ahmed Tinubu Solidarity Vanguard BATs-V.

Hon. Okocha was recently appointed as the Rivers State Coordinator of the group through a letter of introduction dated August 10, 2022, signed by the group leader, Prof. David Pam Yakubu and addressed to the State Chairman of APC, Chief Emeka Beke.

Immediately the appointment was announced, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, member of the APC Legacy Projects Media Team and erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct new Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP) in a press release circulated in social media condemned it, describing it as embarrassing to the collective sensibility of committed party members in Rivers.

Mocking the critics in a Whatsapp group post, Worgu Boms, former commissioner for Justice Rivers State recalled all the unsavory things they had said about Tinubu in the past and queried if they wanted Amaechi’s appointee in that position.

Boms lamented that because of Amaechi politics these politicians had messed up their high degree of education by indulging in illogical thinking and reasoning.

Let’s hear Worgu Boms: “Amaechi said those who voted Tinubu at the primaries are regretting. Tony Okocha did not say so or anything like that”.

“Amaechi joined Tinubu critics in saying that the clerics who came to the Shetima unveiling were not Pastors. Tony Okocha, to the contrary, not only did he not say so, insisted they were pastors and bishops”.

“Tony Okocha, on the other hand, had been with and supporting Tinubu since Tony Okocha was born, upto the time of the primaries and beyond, even when Amaechi and his people were taunting Tony for the support, reminding Tony that he was wasting his time as it would never be Tinubu, who according to them, Buhari would never allow to succeed him that it was Amaechi Buhari had vowed with God, to succeed”.

“Tony Okocha, undaunted, joined with other like-minded persons for Tinubu, to hold a rally for Tinubu in Ikwerre LGA for Tinubu.”

Even while there, these same Amaechi people tried to stop the rally using the police, but as was the case with all their plots, they failed woefully, spectacularly.

“When Tinubu sent several bags of rice this way during the yuletide then, and it was publically acknowledged with photographs of Tony with others beside the bags of rice, they all wrote sweet literature, condemning us and Tony, asking mockingly, how a former this and a former that, can be snapping pictures with Tinubu rice. Tony stood his ground.”

“Now, Tony is made to coordinate the same Tinubu group, and the same people who opposed him and taunted him are querying his pedigree to lead the same group. They want Amaechi’s appointees on the name of their APC Exco, to replace Tony? Hahaha.”

“Is that we did not go to school or what? Or because of Amaechi politics, all our education – Bsc, LLM, PhD etc, are nothing in the name of politics, I swear, I have never, in all my life, seen university graduates so illogical in their ways and thinking. I have not o!”.


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