Moni Pulo Celebrates Years Of Unhindered Operations Amid Accolades For Personnel

The management and staff of Moni Pulo, an indigenous oil servicing company of great repute managing OML 114 facility have again been applauded for living up to the popular dictum,  “Honest toil lies in hard work”.

Making the commendation on the heels of recording nonstop five million man hours with no time to injury, the Chairman of Moni Pulo Limited, Dr. (Mrs) Seinye O. B. Lulu-Briggs attributed the rare feat to hard work, commitment to team work, strong management support, personal ownership of systems and facilities, and continuous improvement.

Represented by the Acting Head of Operations and Engineering, Mr. Daere Inengi, the company’s Chief Executive said every staff of the company deserves to be appreciated for the success recorded by Moni Pulo Limited over the years which according to her, was the reason for the August 31, 2022 celebration to mark this achievement.

Cross section of Management and staff of Moni Pulo with personnels on the Agbani FPF

“The purpose of the celebration today is to appreciate each and every one of you for achieving this great feat. Each of you has worked hard as a single team for this recognition as you deserve this celebration. I sincerely thank you for making Moni Pulo proud,” Dr. (Mrs) Seinye Lulu-Briggs declared.


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