Ventilation Of Inner Minds Of APC Decampees In Rivers

Wike, Created In God’s Image, To Do His Will For Rivers Peoplem

Chief (Dr) Sam Sam Jaja, Former APC BOT Member, Opobo/Nkoro LGA

I would have started with a song praising God for His love for Rivers State but that song would wait for another day.

But let me just say Father I thank you for giving Rivers State Nyesom Ezenwo Wike as their governor.

Your Excellency, from a distance, anybody who sees your hard posture would not know that behind that veil is a mountain of compassion, grace, love and trust.

And that is who you are. Until you come close, you will give him all sorts of names but not knowing that you are a man created in God’s image to do good for his people.

Your Excellency, I’m standing on behalf of all the decampees from the South East Senatorial District who were sometime in APC, to say that none of us were invited to come.

 None of us were invited to decamp. On our own will and volition, we came to you and you received us. Thank you very much sir.

And thanks also, Party Chairman for coming to receive us, because we’ve not been fair to you. We went on a regrettable, unsuccessful political expedition.

We’ve retraced our steps and found our ways back home. Please forgive our mistakes in the past and reintegrate us with you for a better Rivers State.

We’ve seen what you have done for this state. They are innumerable because we can’t count them one by one. That alone is sufficient to make any hardened mind to trace his way back if he loves Rivers State and Rivers people.

We’ve come to join you to lift the oppressed which is what you’ve been doing. We’ve come to join you to give a new face to this state. We’ve come to join you to transform this state.

We’ve come to help the needy and we believe that you will not turn us back even with this ceremony being a testimony that you received us.

Thank you very much sir, as we pledge our loyalty 100 percent. We are back. God bless you.

With Us Back To PDP, APC Is Finished In Akuku-Toru

Chief (Dr) Theodore Georgewill, Former Executive Chairman, Akuku Toru LGA

Your Excellency, I want to thank you and also apologize. I want to apologize because we left you when you needed us most. We left the party when the party needed our interest.

And I want to thank you for accepting us back and bringing us into the party like prodigal sons.       

Your Excellency, we are here today because we believe in you. And, trust me, our being here today means that APC in Akuku Toru is finished.

And, I promise my brother, the incoming governor that Akuku Toru will give him 99 percent of the votes.

We will join our friends and brothers who have been there before to deliver our governorship candidate, Senatorial candidate and House of Assembly candidate.

His Excellency, we will wait for your advice on who to vote for the Presidency. Wherever you tell us to go, we will go.

Wike Has Set Precedence In Leadership, Governance

High Chief (Dr.) Muma Gift Eke, Former APC Stalwart, Ahoada East LGA

We have come to work with the New Vision of Rivers State irrespective of where we are coming from.

The whole of Rivers people tremendously thank you for setting the precedence in leadership and in governance through your actions and projects.

I Won’t Leave An Ibani Son To Support Another

Hon. George Tolofari, Former Commissioner for Transport, Bonny LGA

Mine is like a vote of thanks on behalf of everyone who has come out here to speak of all the good things His Excellency has done in Rivers State.

His Excellency, you are indeed a great grassroots politician. When I came to you, you said welcome home. I’ve watched you ever since I came, you have been very sincere and very open.

You don’t play lip service to friendship. This is indeed true friendship and we are happy to be back home. It is a good home coming for all of us. There cannot be better reception to welcome us back.

I’m particularly delighted because you and the PDP have chosen our brother, an Ibani son as your standard bearer.

When we tried that experiment in 2015, it didn’t work. I felt very very unhappy. Now, come 2023, you are giving us another Ibani son. What will I tell my children? What will I tell my people back home? That I will leave an Ibani son, to support another? It’s not possible.

So, I’ve come here today with my people from Bonny to tell people from the other local government areas to work with you and all the leaders to deliver our brother, Sim Fubara.

I Trust Wike Would Have Done East-West Road, If It Was State Road

Hon Fred Igwe, Former Commissioner for Sports, Eleme LGA

The over performing governor. The governor that has given Rivers people all the things they have never seen before, both deserved and undeserved.

Your Excellency, let me just stand on existing protocols. I associate fully with the speech given by our leader, Senibo earlier on because we all agreed that he should speak on our behalf. And going to speak any further would be against our decision.

But I can just say that we’re back home. We left in the first place because we thought we’re helping our leader at the time for his own personal interest.

Eleme had railway before now, but we no longer have railway. Railway was taken to the refinery even before we were born. Obasanjo did another one to the port. We had a road to go to Onne and other communities like Eteo, not to talk on the other Ogoni communities.

Your Excellency, we know that if not that that road is a federal road, you would have done it for us by now. But thank you for the one you are already doing and the one you are doing in other places.

Youths Will Support Wike Cos He Has Made Us Proud

Comrade Marvin Yobana, Africa Youth Ambassador/APC Stakeholder, Khana LGA

On behalf of the youths, men, women and children of Rivers State, I want to say we are very proud of you.  The reason is very clear. Nigeria is suffering. The country is bleeding with all sorts of things – insecurity, poverty, bad governance and everything.

And people keep saying to me, you are in APC. Are you not ashamed? Look at what is happening, you say you are a comrade and see the youths. And look at what is happening to the youths. They will give them a few things like starter packs and stuff. All these are fafafafa, fowl.

Great Rivers Youths! We have seen the light. This is a governor that has built flyover number one, two, three to twelve. Tell me, where has it happened in our democracy?

To our incoming governor. By God’s grace, I want to say this: On behalf of all the young people who were in APC in darkness, all of us who have seen the light and even those who are pretending because they still have salary to collect from APC government, they are all in the PDP in Rivers State.

And as we have moved, we are moving and we are moving like a tsunami. Nobody will stop us, and we are going to support our governor because he has made us proud.

We’re Back And Ready To Work With Gov Wike

Dr. Silva Opusunju, Opobo/Nkoro LGA

Dr. Sam Sam Jaja has spoken our minds. But let me just add this: You know I’m not someone that is used to saying things. My policy has always been that you don’t have to be loud to be strong, you don’t ask, you don’t tell.

But for this occasion, I stand here with fellow party men and women, who went on long period of meditation. That we have come back and seen the good works you have done.

You have done extremely well for the resources and this kind of state. Not just the physical Projects, and I must emphasize this. There is something in this country. You have to be proud of where you come from.

I think Governor Wike has made us proud. This governor has shown the rest of the country that the Rivers State is not to be messed with.

This is a state that was created out of the blood and sweat of our forebears. Therefore, we have every right because this is a state that bears the golden egg.

We have every reason to ask for more from the center. We have come back and we are ready to work. The elders of this state that have made it possible for certain decisions which made some of us to run and run against His Excellency.

We thank God that those things we asked to be corrected, has been corrected and it is not a light decision by any means. We thank you and pray that God will continue to guide you.

Non-Indigenes Will Now Have Phone With Sim Card

Frank Siaka Usman, Former State Chairman, APC Youth Mobilization for GYB

The Executive Governor of Rivers State. I describe you as a lion. Whenever you see lion drinking water in the stream, no animal dares to come and drink water there.

Your Excellency, you made us proud. You made us know the real meaning of democracy. You made us know the real meaning of agreement. You also made us understand that you fight for your right.

Rivers State is a small state but very mighty.

Your Excellency, on behalf of the good people of Kogi State, I formally decamp from the All Progressives Congress, APC, to the PDP because there is no way you will have a phone and you don’t have a SIM. How then will you have network? No way.

Today, I have a phone, and by the special grace of God, I will have a SIM. My special thanks to Hon. Martin Amaewhule, Leader of the Rivers State House of Assembly for bringing me on board. He has been talking to me all the while that Frank, please come back home and work for your people, and today, I assure you that the non-indigenes in Rivers State will give you all their votes.

With Ogu/Bolo, Game Is Over In 2023

Chief (Hon) Barrister Lawrence Abiebiari, Former Executive Chairman, Ogu/Bolo LGA

Your Excellency, as a lawyer, I will describe you as Sin Quano of Rivers State. You are the hope of Rivers State.

Your Excellency, with you, Ogu Bolo don’t need to struggle again. There’s no more stress in Ogu Bolo again.  We have to sleep with our eyes closed.

If you ask me to give you the results of Ogu Bolo for 2023, I can do it now.

Your Excellency, the game in Ogu Bolo is over. All the tigers in Ogu Bolo are here, and they will be loyal, more humble and respect the rule of the game. We’ll ensure that PRP will win the 2023 general election.

God bless you for maintaining the PDP which is our party. This party has increased our profile. We assure our standard bearer, Sim Fubara that you will get 90 percent of Ogu Bolo votes.

APC, A Place For Destruction Of Talents, Intellects

Hon. Kennedy Ebeku Phd, Former House of Assembly Member, Ahoada East LGA

Your Excellency, today for me, is home coming. Having said that, I want to apologize to my good people of Ahoada East and Ekpeye as a whole for leaving them and wandering to APC after they gave me 12 years to serve them on the PDP platform.

Let me assure them that my coming today is to say that I appreciate you for those number of years you gave me to serve you.

Your Excellency, so much has been said so far, but let me add this dimension: I know that as this program is going on, calls will be made now and much later. Questions will be asked, perhaps in very funny tunes. Walahi, what is happening in Rivers State APC?

Your Excellency let me reveal this to the people of Rivers State and indeed APC worldwide. In APC Rivers State, there is no leadership.

What you find in Rivers APC is the song of Majek Fashek captioned, ‘Majek Fashek in New York’. What you see is confusion. What you see is destruction of talents and intellects.

And so, for this caliber of persons leaving APC, APC in Nigeria and worldwide, don’t be surprised, is getting to the floor of the sea. And let me say this to the APC Presidential Candidate:  Count Rivers State out. You can’t win here.

And to Atiku, the Presidential flag bearer of PDP. This is where the vote is. It is with Nyesom Ezenwo Wike. Don’t miss him.

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