National Network 18th Anniversary: HRM King Moore Maclean Ubuo, Okilomu – Ibe III of Engenni Kingdom Set To Be Conferred Most Outstanding Grassroots Traditional Ruler

A revered monarch, HRM King Moore Maclean Ubuo, Okilomu – Ibe III of Engenni Kingdom in Ahoada-West Local Government Area of Rivers State has been nominated based on opinion survey as the Most Outstanding Grassroots Traditional Ruler and is set to receive the award as National Network Group of Newspapers celebrates its 18th Anniversary on October 28, 2022 in what is expected to be a great and memorable day in annals of history.

On a courtesy visit led by the Publisher of National Network Group of Newspapers, Pst. Jerry Needam, to the revered monarch on Monday, October 4, the Chairman of the Editorial Board of the foremost newspaper, Prof. B. G. Nsereka, handed over the letter of nomination for the award to the monarch who said that he would be spurred to do more jobs.

HRM King Moore Maclean Ubuo, Okilomu – Ibe III of Engenni Kingdom said: “If not for God we would not have seen our faces today. We also thank God for providing the opportunity for somebody to serve the people because the award is coming because of service to the people and so we thank God for the position and we thank God for the wisdom that God is directing us to use….

“All of us are messengers of the people so nobody should think that he is a small god in his kingdom. It doesn’t make sense. You are a messenger to the people and messenger to Government so you are a Chief Messenger and I’ve been a Chief Messenger to Engenni people. I’m somebody that is not usually attracted to awards. There are some of us that the whole of their house is filled with awards. Yes, it’s good. Some awards will spur you to do more jobs. Other awards will make you feel even forgetting why you are on the seat and so I don’t always like taking it but for this I’m grateful to God”.

The monarch thanked National Network for the award: “So I want to thank National Network Group of Newspapers for this award.

“I would say to God be the glory for all that God will do with National Network”.

HRM King Moore Maclean Ubuo said that he accepted his position with the Bible and nothing else saying that despite his position he ushers members of his church-Gateway International Church-but said sometimes they say he shouldn’t.

He however said he was available to serve anytime he was in church saying also that he was available to serve anywhere assigned adding that he takes pleasure in service.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Editorial Board, Prof. Nsereka, had described National Network newspaper as being national in scope and quality and dependable saying that the nomination was based on opinion survey.

He said: “When we survey the opinion of the public about people that are deserving of awards, people that should be protected more than they are, people that need to be respected while they are alive and honoured and lavishly loved by others through our own projection, we decided to go to town, we did not just imagine something. And Sir I want to inform you that in this life it is good to be honoured by your people because when you are honoured by your people outsiders will know that you are somebody because it could just well be that people could come from different places, people who don’t even know you, they come and say we honour you but when you are honoured by your own people, in this case Rivers people because we are representing Rivers people with this honour and  on that day you will see that it is Rivers people that are honouring you”.

Prof. Nsereka said that the event would be live saying that it would be full of grandeur and spledour.

“Incidentally, you are a king and kings are people of splendour. They are people of grandeur by the nature of their office”, saying that the king deserved to be honoured.

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