Nigeria’s Leaders Should Chart New  Path For Future, Says Etche Monarch

As Nigeria continues to grapple with sociopolitical and economic crisis, the paramount ruler of Etche, Rivers State, His Eminence,  Ochie E. N.B Opurum, has stated that the nation’s leaders should chart a new path for the future.

The Onye-Ishi-Etche while speaking against the backdrop of the country’s 62nd Independence Anniversary in his palace at Ndashi recently, said: “Nigerians have to be grateful to God that we have survived all the threats to our unity as a country including three years of civil war.

“Right from 1914 when Sir Lord Lugard amalgamated the Northern and Southern parts, to when the country was further divided first into four parts to include the Mid-West region, Nigerians have continued to complain”.

The Etche king posited that this state of affairs precipitated further division of the country to 12 states, then 19 states up to the current 36 states, “yet, some people are still asking for a further balkanization of the country.”

The monarch said the country would walk on the path of progress if a credible and God-fearing person is voted as the next President in 2023.

“The second way is for religious organizations to be recognized as political parties by the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC), and conduct elections to elect the most credible candidates among them from the local to the federal level of government.

Ochie Opurum who is a recipient of the Member of Federal Republic (MFR), called on the nation’s leaders to use this unique opportunity of Independence, to take stock of the past, make evaluation of the present and chart a new path for the future.

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