Group Endorses Accord Gov’ship Candidate

A group known as Rivers Divine Project comprising of former Governorship aspirants, candidates and state Chairman of seventy deregistered political has endorsed the Governorship candidate of Accord for the 2023 election Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs.

In a press statement read out by the Public Relations Officer of the group Chief Peter Alloysius which was signed by Chief Collins Ndegwe and Hon. Bigbeye Sygns Chairman and Secretary respectively, the group said it carried out a grassroot opinion polls, through existing social media, political parties, religious circles, investigations, discussions and perused the profiles of all the Candidates who offered themselves as possible hand to be hired, so they can make a good and informed choice using their PVC.

 “Today we are glad to tell our dear people of Rivers State, that we have found just one man who passed our grassroots scrutiny done by existing establishment of people across the state.

This man is High Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs,,the Governorship candidate of Accord .

“Dumo is the only Governorship Candidate for the brick house 2023 who has no godfathers and is not influenced by any dangerous political demogogue.

“He is a man without any trace to any circle of political establishment welding influence on him. This means Dumo is independent of mind, opinion and character which spills over to ideas, initiatives and concepts. He is a man that believes that things are done through contributory idea initiative hence the We Agenda platform through which every good idea is harnessed and fed into policies development”.

Rivers Divine Project said it is confident that Chief Lulu Briggs will deliver on good governance to Rivers people

The group called on Rivers people to get armed with their PVC and deliver themselves of the burden and sad experience of electing a Governor who is not their collective desires and wishes.

Responding onbehalf of Dumo Lulu Briggs the State Chairman of Accord, Nnana Onyekwere said

“on behalf of Dumo Campaign organization and also the Accord, I welcome you to this movement , because we all know come May 2023 we be in one Accord heading to the Brick house .Like you observed, ours is a party or movement that puts the people first .Everybody in Rivers State matters, men, women,, children .

“Even though they consider not native by birth, they are Rivers people so long as you live and do business in Rivers State The issues affecting children, women and men will be considered because we want everybody to be happy

“Everyone of us has a role to play in the movement .Anywhere you find yourself speak the language Dumo to everybody you come across .Make people realize that election this time is not about the Party, candidate but about me, you. I am voting for myself, You are voting for yourself. I am voting for my children, I am voting for my . grandchildren .

“If you get it right it right my children, your children will all be happy but if we miss it this time we continue to be sad”.

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