Abe’s Allegation Against PDP Reprehensible And Irresponsible – Campaign Council 

The Peoples Democratic Party has expressed great shock over claims by Senator Magnus Ngei Abe that its members have attacked an office complex belonging to the SDP in Tai Local Government Area of Rivers State.

Chief Ogbonna Nwuke, Spokesman for the Consolidation of the New Rivers Vision Campaign Council said comments credited to the SDP were completely reprehensible and irresponsible.

“How can Senator Abe of the SDP  claim without proof say that the PDP is responsible for an alleged attack on an office in Tai? 

Truth is that the SDP is factiinalized. Abe knows this fact. He knows that the two factions are presently fighting for space. 

Abe has been going around with masquerades that are armed. Those masquerades armed with AK45s are not owned by the Tai people. A video of the masquerades displaying with guns have since gone viral. 

“We are shocked that Abe would again for the wrong reasons attempt to call out the PDP over a false claim. The first was at Oyigbo where Abe without articulate evidence launched a charade against the PDP. 

Now, Abe has returned to levy another allegation against a political party that is preaching peace and asking its opponents in the forthcoming general election to put their score cards on the table. 

“We do not entirely blame the eloquent Senator for making an attempt to indict the PDP. It has become part of the penchant of the opposition in Rivers State to accuse our party of things that we are not doing. 

“We have heard that we sealed a non existent campaign office belonging to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. No journalist serving in Rivers State has cited the said office, or corectly quoted the address of the said office in any report. 

“We have heard that the State Government has sealed a prominent hotel in the State capital which belonged to a former Military Administrator. That hotel purportedly shut down by Governor Nyesom Wike is still operating. 

“These accounts of falsehood, including the latest told by Senator Abe after visiting Tai demonstrate the extent that mushroom parties operating in the State would go in deceiving the public. Their tales of calumny concocted under the cover of darkness are unfounded, useless and of no effect. 

“We had hoped that the Gokana-born Senator, apparently rejected by the Ogoni people who are finding it difficult to identify with him because of an alleged act of betrayal  in the past; would heed our warning to leave the PDP alone. 

“The question to ask is, what impact would Magnus Abe make in a place like Tai where the PDP has strong leaders like Chief Monday Ngbor and Senator Barry Mpigi? 

“What will Magnus do to erase the sense of gratitude that the Tai people have for Governor Nyesom Wike? 

“For the avoidance of doubt, we have taken time to investigate the claim of the Social Democratic Party led by Senator Magnus Ngei Abe. 

“While none of our people are involved in any plot whatsoever to undermine our good friend, our investigation however shows that Abe and his friends staged the attack in Tai so he can put the blame on the PDP and gain traction in terms of publicity. 

“We know that these ignoble acts to tarnish our image; these spineless moves to confront the PDP in Rivers State through unsubstantiated blackmail; is borne out of desperation. 

“The Etche nation is completely SIMplified. Abe has been going in and out of Etcheland. Nobody in the area vastly dominated by the PDP has attacked him. 

“If the PDP were to be after Abe, he will not step foot in Etche, not to talk about having an opportunity to deliver monologues about events and politics that we consider insensitive and needless at this time. 

“We again urge Senator Magnus Abe to focus on real issues rather than its imagination. No amount of name calling will change the fact that a great majority of Rivers people are determined to vote for Siminialayi Fubara and the PDP.”

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