Ogoni Group Threatens Protest  As Fuel Scarcity Persists

The persistent hike in the cost petroleum product in Rivers State has continued with little or no effort to alleviate the suffering of the people.

The scarcity and hike of petroleum product is evident in the overwhelming queues at petrol stations across the state with the product being sold at N350-N500 per liter which has led to the increase in cost of transportation, goods and crippling of businesses within the state.

In this light, the President of the Ogoni Liberation Initiative, Dr. Deeka Fabeke Douglas has said he will lead a one-million march to protest over the continuous scarcity and hike in petroleum product in Rivers State.

Dr. Fabeke, the Labour Party candidate for Rivers South-East Senatorial District who made the threat in a statement in Abuja, expressed dismay over the severe hardship faced by Rivers people and businesses in the state.

He said he is in talks with civil society groups who are equally displeased by the increase in petroleum prices.

According to him, businesses that rely on fuel are fading and the development has led to the increase of transportation and goods in the state.

He said there is no justifiable reasons why fuel is being sold for N350-N500 per litre in Rivers State while other states are selling at approved pump price, adding that he will use the coming days to reach out to security agencies to ensure that the situation is being addressed.

Dr. Fabeke stated that if nothing is done, he will lead a three days mass protest in Port Harcourt.

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