PFN Condemns Killing Of Rev Achi

THE Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria(PFN) has condemned in its totality the abominable killing of Rev. Fr.  Isaac Achi who was until his untimely death the Kafin Koro Deanery of the Minna Diocese of Niger State and the Reverend Father in charge of St Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Kafin Koro.

In a Press Release from the office of the PFN National President, Bishop Francis Wale Oke expressed great sorrow on the killing of the Catholic Priest.

Bishop Oke said, “ I am deeply saddened and outraged by the recent burning to death by bandits  of Rev.Father Isaac Achi. This is just one out of many senseless and dastard killings that have characterized Nigeria today.

Many Christians have become victims of violence in the nation and this has earned her the reputation of being one of the most dangerous places to live for christians.

These heinous acts of violence have no place in any society and they are an affront to the sanctity of human life and the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

He extended his heartfelt condolence to the victims’ families and the entire Christian Community in Niger State and Nigeria as a whole.

He called on all Christians, regardless of denomination, to unite in condemning these acts of violence and to pray for an end to the senseless killings and terror that are plaguing our nation.

The Cleric also called on the government and law enforcement agencies to live up to their responsibility of providing security for all citizens and ridding the country of bandits and terrorists.

 “It is the duty of the government to ensure the safety and well-being of all citizens, and the killing of Rev. Father Isaac Achi is unacceptable. 

Innocent lives are being lost due to the failure of our government  to stem the spate of violence, kidnappings, and terrorism across the country.

The government has failed in its duty to protect the people, and it is time for them to take action”he said.

He explained further that even in the face of persecution, the church’s work will not cease. “We will not be deterred by these unprecedented evil acts  and we will continue to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the gospel of love to all”.

 He then implored all followers of Jesus Christ in Nigeria, to stand together in the face of this evil and work in unity towards a peaceful and just society as together,  he said, Christians shall overcome the hate and violence that seeks to divide them.

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