I Shall Transform Tai To The Biggest Agricultural Market In Africa – Dumo Lulu-Briggs

The Governorship candidate of Accord, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs said that he will transform Tai LGA to the largest agricultural market in Africa in line with the findings of renowned economists that the next major revenue earners for Rivers State is not oil and gas but agriculture and tourism.

Lulu-Briggs was speaking at the palace of the Ba bue Nonwa Tai, His Highness,  Mene Barikpe Mballey during his ongoing campaign road show to Tai LGA. 

The Accord governorship candidate said that he will resuscitate the Songhai Farms and make it a part of the massive mechanized farming settlement in the entire area including Ban Ogoi

“Tai LGA is central in the plan we have for Rivers State. Economists tell us that the next biggest revenue earners for Rivers State are agriculture and tourism. And if we are talking about Agriculture, then Tai is central to what we want to do in Rivers State. 

“We are talking about Tai becoming the biggest Agricultural market in Rivers State, Nigeria, West Africa and possibly in Africa. 

“All the way from the Shongai farm which we shall revive, to Ban Ogoi will be massive farming settlement, mechanized farming. We are going to provide machinery, storage and nursery,  So that we can have plantation scale of cassava plantation etc. Tai is so blessed”.

Lulu-Briggs said that he will build a blue rail line to evacuate the massive farm produce from Tai to the Western and Northern markets and link Ban Ogoi to Onne ports, including building a major road to link Rivers State to the Eastern Markets of Nigeria. 

“And to be able to move these massive agricultural produce, we shall create a green rail line from Asarama in Andoni, to Kaa in Bori, then from Bori to here, then from here to Ban Ogoi, from there to Oyigbo. At Oyigbo we shall build a terminal to link the upcoming Port Harcourt/Maiduguri rail line. 

“We shall construct a massive six lane road from Ban Ogoi to trailer park at Onne so that we can have access to the Sea. 

“To make Onne port competitive again, we shall construct a 200km road (express way), from Isaka to Bakana, Bakana to Tombia, Tombia to Ogbakri, that’s in Emohua, from Emohua we cross into the East West Road to Ndoni, and then end it at our border with the East in Onitsha. When we do that, we shall have cut travel time from the East to Port Harcourt from five hours to two hours . This is an infrastructural revolution”.

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