Restructuring: Popular Rivers Cleric Takes Case To UN, EU

The lingering refusal by Nigeria to restructure the country along the lines of six geopolitical regions, have again come under questioning by Niger Delta activist, Rev. Dr. Sokari Soberekon.

Speaking to reporters while protesting what he called an ignoble anomaly at the Isaac Boro Park in Port Harcourt on Monday, the Kalabari-born cleric declared that restructure remained the only solution to the present quagmare the country finds itself.

He said Nigeria as a nation is motionless and only needed regional autonomy to move forward.

Clutching signposts with various inscriptions, ‘Super Sokari’, as he is fondly called, faulted the Lord Luggard’s Amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914, describing it as clearly unfavorable to the minority Niger Delta region of the country.

“Let Nigeria be restructured now”, he screamed as he handed copies of his proposal to newsmen.

He said the country would be saved from imminent collapse in the government considered the proposal by restructuring the country along six autonomous regions.

“This is an urgent and wake up step that must be taken to save Nigeria and the Niger Delta in particular.

‘Nigeria must approve my proposal to move forward”, he insisted, while lamenting the Commercial Treaty of 1775 signed between the Niger Delta kings, chiefs of Oil Rivers Protectorate and the British in 1885, even before the existence of Nigeria.

The cleric who oversees the Christ Jesus Link Gospel Ministry, Port Harcourt is appealing to the United Nations, European Union as well as African Union to join forces and ensure Nigeria is restructured according to his proposal.

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