Christian Leaders Harp On Significance Of Easter

Some Christian leaders in Rivers State have listed some benefits of the Easter Season marked by Christians all over the world every year.

According to the Diobu District chairman of the Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim & Seraphim Church (ESOCS), Supervising Apostle Gabriel C. Uwandu Agbaere in his contribution, “the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ first of all reconciled mankind with God”.

He stated this in a random sampling of religious leaders in the state during the Easter Sunday Celebration in the State.

He also said Christ cruxification and death caused the establishment and sustenance of Christianity in the universe, as well as provoked the spirit of forgiveness for one another.

He made it clear that the 40 days laten season fasting that preceded the passion week was equally significant in the life of Christians but was quick to add that since Christians could abstain from most worldly things in order to build their lives this period as a sober reflection, there was nothing wrong if the practice is sustained for the overall spiritual growth of Christians.

Super Agbaere decried the attitude of some political leaders in the country and used the opportunity to advised them to have the fear of God, amend their ways and empathize with those they are leading in the interest of all.

On the muslim/muslim leadership the All Progressives Congress (APC) imposed on the country, the religious leader  said it was a very bad omen, a development he noted, that is very queer in the history of Nigeria.

He used the opportunity to urge Nigerians and Christians in particular to be prayerful and draw closer to God, adding that it is only God that can rescue the country from the machinations of the enemies.”

In his own submission, Bishop (Dr.) Roland Ikechi Ezimah of the Penile Love Assembly, 24 Aker Road, Iwofe, Rumuolumeni, said the significance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as celebrated by Christians all over the world is the hallmark of Christianity.

The man of God maintained that the development brought salvation to mankind and as well brought reconciliation between man and God that was breached as a result of sin.

He explained that in Gen. 1:26 – 29 “man is God on earth but that man failed God his maker and the journey of reconciliation began. As the blood of bull and ram could not atone for the fall of mankind and because of God’s love for us He therefore initiated a process to deliver mankind from the captivity of satan. It became imperative he maintained, that Jesus must die to save mankind,”

Bishop Ezemah stressed that Jesus death brought salvation to mankind, adding that if he had not died and resurrected on the third day our Christianity would have been a religion in futility”.

In his own contribution, Pastor Bassey Isaiah Bassey of the Apostolic Church Nigeria, Maritime Territory, Akokwa District Pastor said the Easter Celebration all over the globe is for Christians, adding that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ gives the Christians the authority to stand against the devices of the devil as well as establishing the essence of Christianity on earth.

“The authority that emanated from Jesus death and resurrection is where He declared that all powers have been given to me, has great effect on the Christians.” Pastor Bassey disclosed further that Jesus went to the grave where the devil was holding the keys to the power of death which mankind lost and collected it to the benefit of Christians.

The man of God made it known that the death of Christ was indeed for all mankind and that except Nigerians politicians inclusive come back to God, there will be problem.

On the muslim/ muslim leadership ticket imposed on Nigerians, Pastor Bassey said the development is strange and something the devil wants to use to disintegrate the country.

He however believed that something can still happen even at the eleventh hour. He advised everybody to go back to God in prayer and let the manipulation of the enemies by put to shame.

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