Crisis Looms In Rumueme Kingdom Over Ascension Bid To Ancient Throne

The Rumuakaniwor Royal Family in Rumueme Kingdom of Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State say they are battle ready to occupy their rightful position as the Head and Producer of Paramount Ruler/Nyenweli Rumueme Kingdom which they noted was forcefully taken from them some years back.

Speaking with newsmen over the weekend in his Palace, HRH, Eze Nyesom Johnson Okpoko Akaninwor, Eze Oha Rumueme (AYE XIII) and Oji Owhor Oro-Ebara and Akaninwor disclosed that the first class stool that was recently made vacant by the demise of late HRM, Eze Omunnakwe Nyeche Nisirim actually belongs to his family as confirmed by history as far back as five centuries ago.

He stated further that his royal family are battle ready and willing to go any legitimate length to recover their stolen right and appealed to all the stakeholders to please ensure that the right thing is done this time around by returning the stool to their rightful owners.

He made it known that they are ready to produce historical evidence to convince any doubting Thomases of the veracity of their claims, adding that the last occupant of the throne from their Royal family, Late Eze Israel Echem Akaninwor died in 1970 before the stool was forcefully snatched away by the Nsirim family.

The monarch maintained that he, himself having been installed as Eze Oha Rumueme by the Oro Ebara Group of Houses after performing the necessary required rites since 2010 is therefore the rightful person to occupy the throne.

Eze Akaninwor disclosed further that Rumueme Kingdom is made up of three (3) communities (Mbams) including EBARA, ARANWO and Akpolu.

He made it clear that the late Omunnakwe Nyeche Nisirim (OCC) indeed arrogated the title “Nyenweli Rumueme” to himself and forcefully occupy the stool, adding that he was never coronated by anybody in the first place, and that he is ready to proof it anywhere.

“They have no right whatsoever to even aspire for the throne in the first place,” he declared.

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