PDP Chieftain Slams Atiku, Says It’s Time For Younger Ones To Lead Party

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Chieftain and former House of Representatives candidate for Ekiti Central Federal Constituency, Lere Olayinka, has described the masturbation of Daniel Bwala and Don Pedro Obaseki, spokespersons of party’s Presidential candidate in the last election, Atiku Abubakar, on the former Governor of Rivers State and Federal Capital Territory Minister, Chief Nyesom Wike, as a function of political frustration, adding that they (Bwala Obaseki) and others like them will soon dump Atiku and leave the PDP.

In a statement on Monday, Olayinka, who said Bwala and Obaseki were nomadic and “anywhere belle face” politicians, said it was funny that someone like Bwala, in particular, who was in the All Progressives Congress (APC) as at the time Atiku emerged as PDP presidential candidate last year was the one championing the expulsion of Wike from the PDP.

He said “it is obvious that the more they disparage Wike and others like Ayo Fayose, who stood by the PDP when Atiku and others left in 2014, the more (he) Atiku keeps footing their bills, including accommodation and feeding in one of the best hotels in Abuja.”

The PDP chieftain, who described as insulting that tenants in PDP were now the ones calling for the expulsion of owners of the house, said “I give them till January, next year, these nomadic politicians who are feeding fat on Atiku’s money will dump him for their next political victim.”

“I read Bwala’s latest tweets, saying those calling for peace in PDP and that the party should manage Wike, were actually buying time for him (Wike) to continue his destructive agenda against the party. He went further to say that Wike has never been faithful or loyal to anyone.

“I also read the press statement by Pedro Obaseki saying to expel Wike now was a task that must be done by the PDP.

“It is so painful that PDP is now being spoken for by nomadic politicians like Bwala and Obaseki. Same Obaseki that traversed three political parties between 2016 and 2017, moving from APC to Accord Party and Accord Party to PDP.

“Funny that the same Obaseki who was everywhere campaigning against his own cousin, Governor Godwin Obaseki and teamed up with outsiders against his own blood will not stop masturbating over Wike.

“Funny too that Bwala, who condemned PDP up till July, last year and could still not clear his brain of the hatred he had for the party even after he had dumped APC is the one talking about loyalty as if he has ever been loyal to anyone other than his stomach,” Olayinka said.

Speaking further, Olayinka said one of the main reasons PDP lost the presidential election was Atiku’s insulting and disrespectful treatment of those who held on to the PDP and gave life to the party when he (Atiku) and others left in 2014.

He said; “You left your father’s house and joined outsiders to throw stones to the house while your other siblings stayed to fix the damages you and the outsiders caused to the house.

“Then, you returned a few years later to take the master bedroom and chose to send out your siblings who remained in the house and shared rooms to people with whom you threw stones to the house. Do you think God will let you sleep peacefully in that house?

“For us the genuine lovers of PDP, we will be here waiting for the food on the table of Atiku to finish. By then, these emergency lovers of PDP will move to their next victims and the party will regain its life again.”

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