The Power of Working Together

We are endowed with great abilities, and if we put our minds to something, we can achieve a whole lot ourselves. We’re creative and thus can come up with brilliant ideas on ways to use our gifts, talents, skills, and abilities to produce something impressive. This is exactly what the good people of Rivers South East Senatorial District did. We acted collectively and that led to the victory we are celebrating today.

However, if we want to achieve remarkable, mind-blowing results, we’ll have to collaborate with others. Working together multiplies results exponentially. There’s no comparison: what we can achieve as a good team is far greater than what we can achieve on our own individually. The team spirit we exhibited paid off and if we keep it up, there’s nothing we can’t achieve together.

After the National Assembly elections which the good people of Rivers South East Senatorial District gave me the mandate of representing them in the 10th senate, we were taken to the tribunal. It took our team of lawyers, the tribunal panel and my opponent teams time to argue for and against my victory. Today, by the special grace of God Almighty the judgement is out and victory is ours. This victory belongs to all of us in the district, how we conducted ourselves and adhered to the norms. I want to say congratulations to all of us from Rivers SouthEast Senatorial District.

Without mincing words, I want to sincerely thank the leader of my party in our beloved state and the Honourable Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, His Excellency Ezenwo Nyesom Wike CON, GSSRS, POS Africa and Life Bencher. My leader, you stood by us all through this process and we wholeheartedly appreciate everything you did and you’re doing for the growth of our party and our people.

I will also want to appreciate the Executive Governor of Rivers State, His Excellency Sir Similaye Fubara PhD, GSSRS for his pragmatic and unwavering support during this trying period. My governor, you’ve led the team well. Service to humanity is what you’ve shown to our people since you took the mantle of leadership in our beloved state. We sincerely appreciate all your support and advice and we pray that God Almighty gives you the desired wisdom to govern us and achieve greater heights.

I want to commend my brothers Ambassador Oji Ngofa and Dr fabeke for given me the best fight I’ve ever faced politically. I want to assure them that it is always one person at a time and tomorrow maybe theirs. I enjoined them to join me and contribute their ideas  in supporting a united Rivers South East, so that we can attract the desired development and dividends of democracy to our people.

Life is about connections; it’s about relationships. And this still stands in the context of work and producing massive results. Our team want to experience greater results, team members should stop thinking we can make it on our own. You don’t have to work on your own—at least not indefinitely. You must seek ways to collaborate with others. We did this and together we have a greater foundation to build on going forward.

The men and women I work with in my village, the LGAs, Senatorial district and the state everyday makes me thick. I borrow inspiration from all of you and uses it in different strategic achievements we’ve had together. On this victory day, I sincerely want to thank everyone who has accepted working with us and I promise that we will do more together. Let us enjoy the savoury aroma that this victory brings and use it to plan for the development of our people.

Once again Thank You!

Congratulations to all of us

God Bless Rivers South East Senatorial District

God Bless Rivers State

Together we will deliver on our campaign promises

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