Groups Condemn Attempted Impeachment Of Gov Fubara

The Peaceful Coexistence Forum for Niger Delta (PCFND) and Women United for Peaceful Rivers (WUPR) have seperately issued statements condemning the recent attempts to impeach the Governor of Rivers State, Sir Siminialayi Fubara, orchestrated by a group led by the Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Martins Amaewhule.

In its press release, the PCFND emphasized that they view this action as a direct assault on democratic values and the peace that Rivers State has enjoyed in recent times.

They commended Governor Fubara’s leadership, stating that his administration has tirelessly worked to improve the lives of the people of Rivers State, and any attempt to undermine his leadership is a grave injustice.

The PCFND asserted that this move to impeach Governor Fubara is the work of those who do not have the best interests of Rivers State at heart. They accused these individuals of seeking to destabilize the state and called on all well-meaning citizens to unite against this attempted impeachment.

The PCFND encouraged a peaceful, law-abiding, and democratic resolution to any concerns or issues, standing firmly behind Governor Fubara and his commitment to the betterment of Rivers State. They warned that any further attempts to impeach the governor would be met with fierce resistance by the resilient people of Rivers State.

“We firmly believe that working together, we can continue to build a prosperous and peaceful future for all,” said Comrade Tarikebo Briggs, Coordinator of the Peaceful Coexistence Forum for Niger Delta.

In a separate statement, Women United for Peaceful Rivers(WUPR) expressed their unwavering support for Governor Fubara and their determination to protect the stability and prosperity of Rivers State. They emphasized that any attempt to impeach the Governor would be met with resistance from the women of Rivers State.

The group called for a defense of democratic values and the rule of law, urging the Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly and all members of the Assembly not to take any actions that may jeopardize the peace and stability of the state.

“Our commitment to peace should not be underestimated. We firmly believe that the women of Rivers State will not stand idly by and watch retrogressive forces dismantle the progress we have achieved,” said the statement that was jointly signed by Chairperson, Dr. Adaku Amadi, and her Vice, Ebiere Thomas, stating, “We echo the words of wisdom that to be forewarned is to be forearmed.”

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