We Want Dignified Life For  Ogoni People – MOSOP

Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has restated its commitment to bring the Ogoni people to a dignified life. MOSOP also cautioned against reckless comments on Ogoni issues especially in respect of the resumption of oil production in Ogoni.

Speaking yesterday in Bori, the traditional headquarters of the Ogoni people, President of MOSOP, Fegalo Nsuke said MOSOP is strongly committed to change the story of the Ogoni people and bring an end to decades of deceit by a small group of people who have exploited the resilience of the Ogoni people to their personal advantages.

Nsuke said the Ogoni struggle became business for some people who never wanted it to end as they took advantage of it for relevance and titles. He insisted that all that must be put to an end and the people brought to the benefits of their struggles.

“MOSOP has always strived for the good of all but a small group of people have consistently frustrated these efforts. We need ro tell them that at this time, we can no longer fall to their exploitation and we are ready to pursue our development goals”

MOSOP noted that reckless comments by political actors seeking to impress their paymasters and serve personal interests needed to be avoided because they were destructive and bore potential to infuriate the public.

MOSOP therefore warned all parties and groups to give peace a chance as the movement impresses on the government to act on its development proposals which calls for the operation of an Ogoni Development Authority, ODA, as an acceptable pathway to resolve the Ogoni problem.

MOSOP advised the oil resumption jobbers to face the reality that the Ogoni people have chosen a part to freedom through sustainable development and will no longer be manipulated by some few who have thrived on the political economy of the Ogoni struggle.

“It’s unfortunate that a people-based struggle has  been converted into some sort of business and at this time, MOSOP is determined and committed to terminate that exploitation and in place, restore a developmental order that serves the common interest”.

“I will therefore advise the Ogoni people to disregard all anti-development noises and remain supportive of our efforts to usher in a new era of sustainable development and opportunities for every Ogoni. MOSOP is committed to peaceful resolution of the conflicts and we are confident about the success of our goals” Nsuke said yesterday.

The MOSOP president noted that the era of exploitation is over, the era of manipulations are over and Ogoni is now strongly pursuing its developmental goals as defined in the proposals for the operation of an Ogoni Development Authority.

He said the Ogoni people were tired of decades of deceit by a small clique who chose to frustrate MOSOP’s efforts towards a resolution of the Ogoni problems.

Nsuke further noted that at the moment, MOSOP has already presented a proposal for Ogoni development to the federal government of Nigeria and will remain consistent in the pursuit of that goal.

He noted that MOSOP will never be distracted by a vision-less few who have over the years driven their personal interests at the expense of a struggle which is solely powered by the people.

The MOSOP leader called on the Ogoni people to defeat the agents of underdevelopment by peacefully resisting every move at sustaining the poverty in the land. He said it is time to put an end to a situation where some people use the struggle to gain titles and appointments while the majority of the Ogoni people remain in deep depravity.

While urging the Ogoni people to protect their communities and maintain peace in their domains, he assured them that Ogoni will be liberated from under-development and the people will experience a dignified life.

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