Why I Won’t Succeed My Father – Tonye Princewill

Former governorship candidate in Rivers State, Prince Tonye Princewill has addressed speculations about his interest in succeeding his late father, King Theophilus Jacob Tom Princewill Amachree, the Amanyanabo of Kalagbari who will be interred on Thursday, December 14, 2023 in Buguma, Asari Toru Local Government Area.

Addressing journalist at a World Press Conference in Port Harcourt on Thursday, the amiable prince and popular politician unequivocally stated that his immediate priority was to honor his father’s legacy by ensuring a proper burial before contemplating any consideration of ascending to the kingship.

At the press conference which is one of many activities lined up for the funeral arrangements, Princewill expressed his singular focus on laying his father to rest, stating, “Nothing else is of significance to me now.”

Despite his political background and aspirations, he made it clear that the succession to his father’s throne was not his current concern.

Even as he acknowledged the intricacies and responsibilities tied to royal succession, Tonye Princewill highlighted his lack of extensive knowledge regarding the affairs of the Kalabari kingdom, unlike his father.

He drew parallels with Prince Charles of England, emphasizing the need for thorough preparation before assuming such a weighty responsibility.

Accompanied to the press conference by Chief Opunabo InkoTariah and other members of the king’s burial planning committee, Princewill emphasized his lack of readiness for the role, stating, “I don’t think I’m prepared for that kind of responsibility.”

He underscored his immediate focus on honoring his father’s memory, expressing his commitment to the funeral arrangements before considering any further steps regarding the throne succession.

As part of the burial formalities, 7 cannon shots were fired at 4.00 am on Wednesday 29, 2023 to announce the approach of the late Amanyanabo’s corpse.  His remains will be interred at the Royal Cemetery at 10.00 am on Thursday, November 30, 2023.

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