Eze Oha Oyigbo: Oha Amala Oyigbo Warns Akubundu Against False Claims

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The leadership of Oha Amala Oyigbo has expressed dismay over the way and manner one Mr Kingsley Akubundu Nwogu is going about all over the place parading as Eze Oha Oyigbo without minding the adverse consequences of his actions.

Speaking to newsmen on the development, the traditional prime minister of the kingdom High Chief Samuel Azuh who doubles as president general of Oha Amala Oyigbo, Chief Ezekiel Iweala and the crown Prince, Oxford Nwaji said Akubundu has gone beyond boundary in his quest to ascend the throne of a whole Eze Oha Oyigbo without going through the traditional and cultural rites and other necessary formalities as observed by the people of the area.

They noted that it is the duty of the kingmakers to make public the actual time to select or elect a qualified person with clean records and not the like of Akubundu who has already started displaying arrogance and other forms of negative tendencies capable of causing crisis in Oyigbo.

They further warned him against impersonating such a highly revered of Eze Oha Oyigbo and called on the general public to discountenance and ignore all his cheap and unguided propaganda as commonly witnessed virtually every day.

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