Congratulations on Your Elevation as Reverend Canon

The Publisher

National Network Newspaper

Port Harcourt

Dear Publisher,

With joy in our hearts, we congratulate and celebrate with you, Rev. Canon Jerry Needam, JP ACACN on the recognition and confirmation of your enormous sacrificial service in the Vineyard of the Most High, God, with your elevation as *Reverend Canon* of the Christ Army Church Nigeria.

We thank the Almighty God, who has, by His grace, sustained you with His mercy and favour through which your commitment and sacrifices, inspite of the challenges, have been acknowledged.

We’re proud of you and commend your choice of serving our Creator.

Our pray is for you to remain relentlessly faithful, even with the higher responsibility that the new office confers on you. We’re confident that you will do more, as done over the years, with increased anointing.

Once again, Congratulations to you Sir!


B.B. Nwikabari

Chairman, OJP.

Sunny Zorvah

Secretary-General, OJP.

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