Bonny Indigenes Applaud Council Boss Over BIRC Initiative

Thousands of the people of Bonny local government area of Rivers State on last week Friday thronged to the venue of the Bonny Integrated Recruitment Center to celebrate the commissioning of the new edifice executed by the council boss, Hon. Anengi Barasua Claude- Wilcox led administration.

Hon. Wilcox said the successful construction of the BIRC is part of fulfilling the Dubai-Bonny vision, a means of restoring Bonny to its past glory.

According to her, the BIRC will serve as a center for corporate organizations to source for topnotch professionals and man-power, help those instructions to take them more seriously and address employment issue with outmost importance.

She said the idea behind the elevation of the BIRC from brick and mortar to a safe haven for job seekers and corporate institutions is to serve as a resource hub where applicants get profiled in the database office and get factored in for training or retraining depending on their peculiar areas of interest, discipline and strength.

Giving a description of the BIRC complex, she said the building has 15 offices, a database lobby, a training lounge, conference room, waiting hall and convenience all round.

The Council boss said her administration is not just building a new structure but the new system of operations in the BIRC  designed to solve the manual and old ways of handling employment related activities.

Explaining further, Hon Claude-Wilcox  said that the vision for the BIRC was for it to be the most valuable and most modernized employment management system in Nigeria with high integrity and earns strong trust from the citizens to the government.

“We are working out modalities to ensure that the new BIRC has a reliable and secure database of every Bonny resident who is working and those who are within working age bracket without jobs. The center will leverage on simple but modern human resource management system, utilize real time employment monitoring system, promptly respond to inquiries via reachable support phone number and email, host online remote applications, and ensure that there is digital job allocations so that only those in the BIRC database can get job postings,” she declared.

She said with the foregoing in place they would be able to rescue themselves from the embarrassing crowding of the premises, and stamp out sharp practices within the system that may have been working against the people.

President of Titled Citizens Assembly Bonny,  Amasenibo Furosia Wilcox eulogized the council boss for being an exceptional leader who leads her people with compassion and judicious use of resources , saying she deserves the applause she is getting for the developmental strides taking place in Bonny Local Government aArea

Hon. Omoni Longjohn , the vice Chairman of the Council in his speech said the importance of employment to the administration of Hon. Wilcox can never be overemphasized due to people trooping to Bonny from all nooks and crannies, for job opportunities.

Hon. Longjohn expressed appreciation to the council chairman for the commissioning of a number of completed people-oriented projects and other ongoing projects in line with the agenda of the Dubai-Bonny vision.

Louis Banigo, the Chairman BIRC expressed gratitude to the Council Boss for her visionary leadership style and tireless efforts in prioritizing the need of their community, saying her commitment to provide such facility for public use reflects her genuine concern for the well-being and progress of the people.

Leader of the Bonny Youth Federation ,Mr. Anthony J Banigo thanked God for the emergence of Hon. Wilcox as the Executive Chairman of Bonny Local Government Area who has fulfilled the dreams of the Bonny Monarch and the people Bonny at large.

He said in the past the King of Bonny articulated a vision for a sustainably developed Bonny, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive humane capacity development plan to ensure meaningful employment and income generation for all residents of the kingdom, noting that such visionary ideas can only be realized with equally visionary leadership at the local government level which Hon. Wilcox has done for them.

He said the realization of one of the many legacies of that commitment such as the building and commissioning of the BIRC is a milestone, borne out of His Majesty’s developmental plan which represents a success story that will inspire future generations.

The youth leader suggested that while the New Bonny vision focuses on economic development, also there should be need to broaden their horizons beyond the oil and gas industry so as to prepare their people for diverse career opportunities .

Hellen Jack Wilson, the Bonny Women leader noted that never in the annals of Bonny had a government achieved so much within so short a time and appeal to the political class to give the Council Boss a second chance to enable her do more for the people of Bonny and urged especially the youths to utilize the purpose of which the BIRC is created for.

The climax of the event was the commissioning of the BIRC by His Majesty, King Dr. Edward Asimini, Williams Dappa Pepple III, Edward 1, Perekule XI, Amanyanabo And Natural Ruler of Grand Bonny Kingdom, who was represented by Chief Benjamin Adda-Allison.

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