Matters Arising in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area Politics: Stating the Obvious

The Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni LocalGovernment Area (ONELGA) is situated in an area square kilometers of 918.5 with population of about 407,400, is one of the richest oil and gas producing local government areas in Nigeria, and the fourth populous as well as largest local government area in Rivers State. It is unarguably the hot bed of Rivers State political activities and generously endowed with great politicians, academics and professionals in different fields of endeavor.

The local government area parades such names as Late Professor Claude Ake, a scholar of international repute and National Merit Award laureate, late Engr. Victor Masi, former Minister of Finance in the second republic, His Excellency Sir (Dr.) Peter Odili, former Golden Governor of Rivers State, Senators Francis Ellah, Victor Odili and Wilson Ake, Late Amb. (Dr.) Peter Onyige, a onetime Nigerian Ambassador to Mexico, Chief Amb C.D. Orike, former Nigerian Ambassador to Uganda, Late Chief G.U. Ake, former Deputy Speaker Rivers State House of Assembly and Chairman Peoples Democratic Party Rivers State, Prof. (Mrs.) Ngozi Odu, Deputy Governor, Rivers State and Chief Felix Obuah, former Executive Chairman, Ogba/Egbema Ndoni Local Government Area, a two time Chairman, Peoples Democratic Party Rivers State and a three time director general PDP campaign council, Rivers State, and currently Coordinator, Abuja Metropolitan Management Council, among other eminent sons and daughters of ONELGA extraction.

The aforementioned personalities among others at various times in the history of ONELGA have made immense contributions to the development of the LGA. Nevertheless, a far reaching and unprecedented infrastructural development of the LGA was achieved during the tenure of Chief (Barr) Nyesom Wike as Governor of Rivers State.

For instance, the road project from Ahoada to Omoku awarded to Julius Berger cuts across seven communities in ONELGA, other developmental projects include, shore protection of Ndoni, construction of 12 kilometres internal roads in Omoku, construction of Omoku-Aligwu-Kereguni-Obobru road, construction of hospital at Omoku. In order for the ex-governor to achieve the twin objectives of infrastructural development and empowerment some of the contracts were awarded to indigenes of ONELGA.

Unfortunately, some of the contracts awarded to indigenous contractors including the construction of ultra-modern general hospital at Omoku were not completed ,painful is that the contract value of the hospital construction at Omoku was fully paid. The question begging for answer is, who is to blame for non-completion of these projects?

The ex-governor or our people who couldn’t deliver on the contracts awarded to them to add value to the living conditions of ONELGANS. Besides, infrastructural development ONELGA benefited generously from political appointments in the Wike administration. For instance, the Commissioner for power, Commissioner for youth development, Special Adviser on Pensions and other Special Advisers, two university governing council members, board members of government parastatals, General Manager, Tide Newspapers, General Manager, Rivers State Transport Company, Chairman, Rivers State Waste Management Agency, were appointees of the Governor from ONELGA. It is therefore, disgusting for some persons in ONELGA looking for political relevance and cheap popularity to publicly insinuate that former Governor Wike didn’t complete a single project in ONELGA or that he neglected ONELGA in the scheme of developmental projects. Incidentally, these critics served in the government of Wike and couldn’t see anything wrong while in government, indeed one of them was the Community Laison officer of construction company that couldn’t deliver a road project awarded by the Wike administration. Attesting to the developmental prowess of ex-governor Wike, now the Minister of Federal Capital Territory, His Excellency Sir (Dr) Peter Odili publicly acknowledged that Wike administration accomplished more in infrastructural development than previous administrations in Rivers State.

In the light of the above preamble, we wish to state as follows:

  1. That the present political situation in Rivers State will be resolved to the benefit of all contending parties, as such no one should over heat the polity for personal gains.
  2. Prominent leaders of our party in ONELGA including, Chief Felix Obuah, harbours no animosity towards Governor Sir Siminalayi Fubara and his deputy Prof. (Mrs) Ngozi Odu. Indeed, Chief Felix Obuah, was the director general of the campaign team that midwifed the birth of Governor Sim Fubara’s administration in Rivers State.
  3. Our Party (PDP) in ONELGA is one big family, hence issues bothering on individuals right to pitch tent with any party or political association of their choice is being addressed in the court of law, until there is court pronouncement on such issues, we advise party faithfuls to remain peaceful and allow diligent court process to take its course.
  4. It is expedient to highlight that those proclaiming steadfast support for His Excellency Sir Sim Fubara were once adversaries in the last election that produced the governor, as such any claim of unwavering loyalty should be viewed with utmost discernment and suspicion.
  5. Governor Sim Fubara, ought to be surrounded by individuals who provide constructive criticisms and substantive feedback rather political jobbers, interlopers and seekers of stomach infrastructure.
  6. The people of ONELGA and Rivers State as a whole deserve peace and sustainable development, the scenario of one political group in ONELGA belonging to Appolos and the other to Paul should cease, because in the beginning it was not so. We all as a political family worked together to win the election that brought Governor Siminalayi Fubara to power. The seeming disunity and division are perpetrated and engineered by detractors in ONELGA and Rivers State at large who do not wish Rivers State well.
  7. We urge all individuals especially, those who benefitted politically from Chief (Barr) Nyesom Wike through Chief Felix Obuah , to approach political discourse with maturity and mutual respect, and to uphold the dignity of our democratic dispensation without undermining the contributions of these eminent citizens to the development of ONELGA.
  8. We acknowledge and support the peace efforts of Governor Siminalayi Fubara to the implementation of the eight point presidential proclamation and peace agreement which laid bare the issues in contention, and appeal to Governor Sim Fubara, to continue with the implementation of the peace agreement. This is in line with the popular quote of the governor that no price or sacrifice is too great to pay for peace to reign in Rivers State.
  9. We are of the view that in making appointments and dispensing political patronages, Governor Sim Fubara, needs to consult widely to include major party leaders in ONELGA who worked for the success of his election. Unfortunately, overnight leaders and half-baked political consultants with no proven pedigree of grass root politics have taken over the political landscape in ONELGA to reap where they didn’t sow. We pray the goose that lay the golden eggs will not die in the politics of Onelga.
  10. We equally appeal to the present administration in Rivers State to create more employment opportunities for our youths and adults, while also reaching out to all segments of the political class and groups to promote social cohesion, inclusion, and good governance in Rivers State.
  11. We plead with Governor Sim Fubara to consider re-awarding the contract for the completion of the abandoned utra modern Omoku General Hospital whose contract value was fully paid, but not completed. This appeal has become necessary considering the fact that existing health facilities in Omoku are over      stretched and can no longer meet the health care need of the people.
  12. In the same vein, the renovation and construction of health facilities in Egbema, Ndoni, Elieta, Kerigeni and Erema will alleviate the current challenges faced by these communities in accessing good health care.
  13. We use this opportunity to specially thank His Excellency President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for the appointment of Chief Felix Obuah, as the Co-ordinator, Abuja Metropolitan Management Council, for us it is a well-deserved appointment that has brought great joy and recognition to ONELGANS and the entire people of Rivers State.
  14. Similarly, we felicitate with Chief (Barr) Nyesom Wike on his appointment as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, and thank President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for this special honour bestowed on Rivers State. It is our believe that given the antecedent of Wike as “Mr. Project”, The Federal Capital Territory is now witnessing phenomenal infrastructural transformation.
  15. To promote accelerated development of all parts of Rivers State, we plead with Governor Sim Fubara, to establish the Rivers State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (RISOPADEC), The Commission will not only provide a bottom-up approach to meeting the dire developmental needs of oil bearing communities presently facing devastating environmental hazards, but also provide inclusive platform to carry out developmental projects in Rivers State.
  16. In order to complement and fully harness the rich oil and gas resources in ONELGA, we equally appeal to Governor Sim Fubara, to establish Oil and Gas Polytechnic in ONELGA. ONELGA as one of the richest oil producing LGAs and the highest gas producing LGA in Nigeria is naturally endowed with pedagogical and rogogical factors for siting oil and gas training institution.

Long Live Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area

Long Live Rivers State

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


  1. Prof. Emmanuel Ibara.
  2. SirAbali, Innocent PhD.
  3. Sir Napoleon Adah.
  4. Engr . Chijioke Ejebide.
  5. Engr. Chuks Ezekwe.
  6. Sir. Hon. Chukwu Shederach Ogbogu.
  7. Engr. Nkem Nwaribe.
  8. Hon. Ambrose Awor.
  9. Hon. Prince Kelvin Umejuru.
  10. Hon. (Dr) Sunny Ogide.
  11. Engr. Azunna Chukwuma.
  12. Dr.Ifeanyi- Amos Ekwueme
  13. Hon. Emeka Ogbowu.
  14. Hon. Ifeanyi Obulor, Ph.D
  15. Chief Orji Egbirika.
  16. Hon. Churchhill Akpe, Ph.D
  17. Sir. Hon. Victory Ogolo.
  18. Hon. Dan Mbacho.
  19. Dr. Ubah Adah.
  20. Hon. Marshall Oburu.
  21. Hon. Ejike Omodo
  22. Hon. Peter Douglas
  23. Hon, Azubuike Nwadibia
  24. Hon. Azubuike Nwaokansu
  25. Engr. Osah Gabriel Azunuka

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