Food Subsidy – Yes,  Palliatives – No  – Bishop

Archbishop Gabriel Leke Abegunrin of the Catholic Archdiocese of Ibadan has urged the Federal Government to subsidize food items and stop giving palliatives to a few individuals for selfish ends.

He said this while speaking with newsmen at the Justice, Development and Peace Commission, in Ibadan.

Abegunrin said instead of giving palliatives to a few people, who will convert them to private use, it will be better if the government subsidizes the costly food items in the markets to make them affordable for the masses.

“If the food items are subsidized, it will go round and eventually reach Nigerians. We often hear of palliatives being distributed but we never see them.

We hope that the social welfare package should be extended to citizens of the state.

“We would also like to see funds allocated for the good of the people to be used for the purpose and not the endless accusations and counter-accusations that our political leaders continue to engage in, in the hallowed chambers,” he said.

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