Gov Fubara Vows To Make Rivers Hub For Medical Tourism

Rivers State Governor, Sir Siminalayi Fubara, is determined to establish the state as a premier destination for medical tourism in Nigeria and Africa. To achieve this, the government is focusing on improving healthcare infrastructure and services, particularly at the primary level, to bridge the gaps between primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare.

The ongoing reconstruction, rehabilitation, and upgrade of primary healthcare facilities aim to integrate them with existing institutions, providing immediate and quality healthcare services to the majority of the population.

Governor Fubara highlighted the achievements in the health sector, including the construction, renovation, and upgrade of primary healthcare centers and the improvement of the Rivers State University Teaching Hospital.

The governor also acknowledged the challenges faced in the healthcare system, such as inadequate manpower, corruption, indiscipline, and ineffective management, and promised to address them.

The government has approved the implementation of the Rivers State Contributory Health Protection Programme, making the state the latest to adopt a health insurance scheme. The employment of health workers is also underway to strengthen the healthcare workforce.

Under Governor Fubara’s leadership, Rivers State has made significant progress in building a robust primary healthcare system.

The emphasis is on renovating and upgrading existing facilities to ensure affordable and accessible primary healthcare services for the people.

The implementation of the health insurance scheme has been approved, and the necessary processes for enrollment have been initiated.

The government is also actively recruiting health workers, with a high number of applications received from within the state and the diaspora.

The governor’s commitment to addressing challenges and improving healthcare services demonstrates the determination to establish Rivers State as a hub for medical tourism.

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