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Medlynn Takes Airwaves By Storm, Debuts Inspirational R&B

Medlynn Tamunoibi Benstowe joined the league of music stars on Sunday April 7 with a mind-blowing Rhythm and blues – R&B, a genre  of music popular among African – American communities in the 1940s and adopted by artists in contemporary African societies.

The album titled “Ghost” is an exposition of the artist’s passion for   the world of music, exploring the varieties and elements with a view to harnessing its potentials to impact the country.

“Ghost” is also a sad memorial  of the artiste’s identical twin, Marianne Tamunoene who passed on to eternity on January 8, 2024 in Lagos.

Speaking to current matters on how she began her career in music and motivation, Medlynn said “My journey in music began with a profound interest that evolved into a passion, driving me to explore the realms of singing and songwriting as powerful means of self-expression.

This realization ultimately led me to embrace the role of an artist, aspiring to communicate genuine emotions and relatable experiences through my music.

“The inspiration behind my debut single stems from a deeply personal place. It serves as a tribute to my recently departed twin sister, offering a poignant reflection of my emotions during this period of grief.

“A pivotal figure in my musical journey is Ariana Grande, who has been a source of admiration.

Her expertise in melodies and song writing has significantly influenced my artistic growth, guiding me through both joyful and melancholic moments.

On how she sees herself in the near future she said “Looking ahead, I envision myself as an international artist, driven by a passion for creating music that resonates globally.

My aspirations include winning awards, performing on renowned stages, and topping music charts. Above all, I aim to surpass my own expectations and cultivate a dedicated fan base and community that shares my love and enthusiasm for music.

The production of music takes a coordinated team effort and in appreciation of this noble deed, Medlynn has highlighted members of her team who worked to ensure the successful release of her first album.

They are; Temi Sanusi – Manager, Minwon Metong – A&R, Producer – Twinbeatz

Producer – Sairiz, Mixing & Mastering Engineer – Mixhard

Medlynn is Rivers by birth She hails from the Benstowe family in Grand Bonny Kingdom and Wakama family in Okrika.

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