Simplified Movement: Rededicating LGAs Back To God, Says Gogo-Ogute Isaiah

Former Chairman of Andoni Local Government Area, Hon Deacon Gogo-Ogute Isaiah, has clarified that the purpose of the Simplified Movement in Rivers State is primarily religious, contrary to some misconceptions that it is a political campaign.

In an interview with National Network during the Degema Simplified Movement Thanksgiving event, which commemorated Governor Siminialayi Fubara’s Supreme Court victory, held at the Rt. Hon.Tonye Ezekiel Harry Stadium on Sunday, the politician and media practitioner emphasized that the movement is not engaged in political activities. Instead, it serves as a platform for celebrating the liberation of the people from political oppression.

“The Simplified Movement in Rivers State is not a political campaign. It is rather a movement that celebrates the emancipation of the people from political captivity. The liberated Rivers people are using this platform to express gratitude to God for their salvation and freedom from a certain Pharaoh to whom power was mistakenly entrusted,” explained Hon Gogo-Ogute.

Highlighting the objectives of the Simplified Movement, Hon Gogo-Ogute emphasized its role in successfully rededicating all the Local Government Areas (LGAs) in the state to God. He further clarified that the movement’s funding is solely provided by individuals and freedom advocates within the state, without any contribution from the government.

“It is worth noting that not a single Kobo comes from the government. As a member of the Forum of Former Local Government Chairmen in Rivers State, I can confidently state that we raise funds through voluntary contributions to support the Thanksgiving celebrations,” he stated.

Hon Gogo-Ogute also acknowledged the challenges faced by different sections of the state under the previous administration, indicating that the people of Rivers State have learned from their experiences. He expressed gratitude that God had answered their prayers by bringing someone from Pharaoh’s palace to be their savior.

“We are all aware of the ordeals suffered in various sections of the state during the previous administration. The people of Rivers State have learned their lesson, and God has heard their cries by appointing someone from Pharaoh’s palace as our savior,” he remarked.

Reflecting on the Supreme Court proceedings, Hon Gogo-Ogute noted the initial indecisiveness and the subsequent reversal of the oppressor’s schemes, which led to an irredeemable shame for them.

“At the Supreme Court, the Justices were undecided for over three to four times. But God, in His mercy, overturned the wicked plans of the oppressors and rewarded them with an irredeemable shame,” he concluded.

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