Abandoned Hospital Project: ONELGA Stakeholders Expose Contractor

…What They Said About FCT Minister, Wikes

Stakeholders in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area (ONELGA) have raised concerns over the abandonment of a hospital project in the area, shedding light on the contractor’s failure to deliver despite receiving full mobilization payment.

The project, aimed at constructing a modern General Hospital in Omoku, was initiated during the tenure of former Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike.

According to the group which released a statement under the aegis of ONELGA Stakeholders Forum, despite the alleged contractor, identified as Chief Oris Onyiri, receiving 100% payment, the hospital remains incomplete.

This revelation comes amidst a backdrop of political tensions and accusations leveled against the Honourable Minister of FCT, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike.

The ONELGA Stakeholders Forum who are from ONELGA, where the hospital project is situated, have criticized those who are quick to blame Wike for the area’s developmental challenges.

They argue that Wike’s administration had made significant strides in the LGA, including upgrading traditional chieftaincy stools, executing road projects, and appointing locals to key positions.

They also highlight Wike’s efforts in supporting education, such as awarding scholarships to indigenous medical undergraduates at PAMO University of Medical Sciences, owned by Dr. Peter Odili.

See details of the statement below


Recently, some of our own people from Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni LGA of Rivers State, embarked on a voyage targeting to malign the person of the Honourable Minister for FCT and immediate past Governor of Rivers State, Chief Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike, CON, GSSRS, POS, Life Bencher.

These people, some of whom were large beneficiaries of the benevolence of the former governor were appointed either as commissioners, aides, or into Ministries/Departments/Agencies (MDAs), in addition to getting contracts worth huge sums, but have now thrown caution to the wind by beginning to chase ghosts where no such thing exists.

It is on record that these persons held and enjoyed their positions under the former governor up until the last day of his tenure. They never complained about him and neither did they attempt to resign in order to register their detest for him or show their dissatisfaction with the government. It is there are very obvious that the new penchant for raining insults on Chief Wike is only based on a reckless attempt to impress the current governor of Rivers State, Sir Siminalaiye Fubara, GSSRS.

Let us assume that developmental projects are actually a basis for measuring performance in governance, can we dare to compare Wike’s performance to that of our own Son the former governor Sir Dr. Peter O. Odili? The answer will be So! If we claim we are underdeveloped or marginalised as an LGA, it is not Wike that caused our under-developmental problems, after all, we too have been governor before Wike. To make the picture clearer, will it be too much to ask the writers of the malicious article against Wike to also state Dr. Peter Odili’s achievements as governor for eight (8) years and place them side by side with those of Barr. E. N. Wike so that the comparison can be easier?

Let us now talk about Chief Barr. E. N. Wike’s relationship with our LGA during his governorship tenure. After Governor Peter Odili’s tenure as Governor of Rivers State, it was clear that the political glory he carried and the influence that he so strongly wielded were on the fast decline. It took the intervention of Chief Barr. E.N. Wike who made it a point of duty to defend Dr. Odili and his wife Justice Mary Odili, from aggression at both the state and national levels and from those who never wished them well as he subtly compelled some of their former associates including some of the so-called signatories who had abandoned them immediately after power to return with humility to the Odili’s and accord them the respect befitting of their status.

In the last 17 years, since Dr. Peter Odili left office as the governor of Rivers ‘State, how many of these people have even bothered to check on his well-being and livelihood? Is it not laughable that the same people have now started to profess undying love for the Odilis simply because they see them as their new access code to the Rivers Slate Government House.

In a recent outing by Chief Barr. N.E. Wike, he mentioned that Sir Dr Peter Odili had at a time been abandoned by all members of the political class, especially in Rivers State, further describing him as “a man who gave us everything”. He said some people called him Mr. Donatus and that there was no abuse Odili, didn’t get. He stressed that all the people whose families Odili tried to help, at the end of the day, all betrayed him. According to Chief Barr. Wike, “for us, we have used him as a school and we thank him for making himself  available for us to use him to learn so that we won’t be shocked by whatever that is going to happen.” Now, because Barr. Nyesom Wike expressed reservations about the actions and dispositions of some so-called elders in the unfolding political situation in the state, he is being crucified and accused of insulting Sir Peter Odili and this is by the very people who never bothered about the existence of the Odili’s.

On the other hand, Sir Dr. Peter Odili had himself, described Chief Barr. E.N. Wike as the best and unrivalled local government chairman that served under him from 1999-2007. He went further to note that Wike had rescued Rivers State and restored its pride. While some people are struggling to score cheap political goals, Dr. Peter Odili has on many occasions, publicly acknowledged Barr. Nyesom Wike’s sterling performance and has even gone further to compare Wike to himself and rating him as having scored higher in many respects.

For instance, it was during the administration of Governor Wike that over One Hundred (100) Rivers State indigenous medical undergraduates were awarded scholarships at PAMO University of Medical Sciences; a private university owned by Dr Peter Odili, at the cost of N500m per session in agreement with Rivers state government. Did these “angels” in white clothes and their signature collectors ever write even a single sentence to Governor Wike, as he then was, to thank him for the show of love to Rivers students and by extension, to Sir Dr. Peter Odili and his family? Of course they did not, but because it is easier to build than to destroy and ingratitude is inherent in them, they arc fastest to run to write and insult someone who is not. and will never be a match for them.

If all these have been said on both sides, one will now begin to wonder why we suddenly have this situation where friends have become perceived foes? It is simply the handiwork of people who view the situation in Rivers State as their God-given opportunity to come into political limelight. They want power, they want fante. They want to catapult themselves from political oblivion into sudden popularity and they want all these to happen over-night.

Let us also state here, that most of the enemies of Chief Barr. Ezebunwo N. Wike both in ONELGA and the Rivers State alike are people who came to dislike him because of his insistence on the choice of Sir. Siminalaiye Fubara as the current governor of Rivers State. As at January 2023. these people who are now queuing behind the Governor were people who did not hesitate at every opportunity to voice their dislike for him and to vehemently oppose him as Former Governor Wike’s choice for Governor of Rivers State. That was even when the “small boy” cliché was first used and by them as critics of Wike. What has only happened now is that all those whom Barr. Wike kicked their butts along the line of driving home his support for the current Governor have now capitalised on the misunderstanding between them and have regrouped under some weak platforms to avenge their losses. It is the right of everyone to aspire, but the method of dismantling someone on whose back you rode to fame to succeed at various times in your career will be viewed in many quarters as unacceptable. This may be the trending behaviour in the politics of today but it is only a behaviour that can be described as the assembly of evil minds. Before, it was Odili, today it is Wike and tomorrow, it will of course be Sir Sim Fubara. Those whose bloods carry the venom of treachery will also be available at the end of Gov. Fubara’s tenure to condemn him as though they never shared any political relationship or friendship whatsoever.

It is on record that the Hon. Minister of the FCT Minister, Barr. N. E. Wike has, and will continue to be a trail blazer in whatever responsibility assigned to him by either Mr. President or through the mandate of the people at any level. He had effortlessly demonstrated this as the governor of Rivers State for eight (8) years. A good word of advice to those criticising him, especially on the basis of Rivers politics would be to spend some time to study and understand his political trajectory and find out why he is always emerging ahead in his engagements.

Coming hack again to ONELGA, it is important to note that His Excellency, Nyesom Wike’s administration awarded the Ndoni River Niger Shore Protection as requested by the Ndoni Communities and paid a hundred percent (100%) of the contract sum to the contractor who luckily was nominated by Sir Dr. Peter Odili himself. For reasons not known to many, this project is yet to commence.

Same Governor Wike awarded the Ahoada-Egi-Omoku- Egbema dual carriage expressway currently being executed by Julius Berger Nig. Ltd and Setraco on the Omoku Egbema axis. Both contractors received nearly 100% percent payment to enable them deliver on schedule.

He also awarded the Omoku (Kregani Road)-Aligu. Ohali-Obigbor Idu – Obobuni town Road. It was completed and is now in use. His Excellency Bar. E. N. Wikc also awarded and completed the construction of internal roads within some parts of Omoku.

Mr. Project further demonstrated his love for ONELGA people through execution of the Elele-Omoku/Okposi Link Road which was awarded by his predecessor but never mobilised. He also renovated the Okposi Community Town Hall on the basis of a promise he passively mentioned during one of his first-term campaign visits to ONELGA.

Coming to our traditional chieftaincy stools, Wike upgraded the Egi stool to First Class. The same benevolence was extended to the Egbema axis, where the Nze-Obi stool now occupied by His Royal Majesty, Eze Everastus Amuda was upgraded to First Class status. In addition, the traditional stools of Okwuzi, Mgbede, and Aggah were all also elevated. Similarly, Dr. Mike Chukwuma was appointed as the Director-General of Neighbourhood Watch, a security outfit in Rivers State charged with the duty of working in tandem with government security agencies to protect the state. Chief Wike recommended the current Deputy Governor of Rivers State, a daughter of ONELGA, and also Dr. Adaeze Oreh, daughter of Dr. Peter Odili, to serve as members of the Rivers State Executive Council.

All these are apart from the following appointments which were made at various times during his tenure;

  1. Appointment of Chief Felix A. Obuah as Chairman, Rivers State Waste Management Agency (RIWAMA)
  2. Sir Chukwu Shedrack Ogbogu, JP, DSSRS as Commissioner of Energy and later Commissioner of Power in his first tenure in office.
  3. Chief Bar. Oris Uchcndu Onyiri as Chairman Rivers State Civil Service Commission for eight (8) years.
  4. Pastor Nkem Nwaribe, as SA to the Governor
  5. Sir Elemchukwu Ogbowu, as SA to the Governor
  6. Sir Dr. Shedrack Akolokwu as SA to the Governor and
  7. Dr. Ifeanyi Obulor as Special Adviser to the Governor.
  8. Mr. Prince O. Ohia, DSSRS, JP, first tenure as SA to the Governor and later as Commissioner for Youth.
  9. Rev. J. C. Omaegba and Dr. Sunny Ajie as members of the Rivers State University Governing Council.
  10. Mr. Vincent Ake as the General Manager of the Rivers State Newspaper Corporation.
  11. Chief Ibe Eresia-Eke as RTC Chairman.
  12. Elder Samuel Ijeoma, from Ndoni in ONELGA, was appointed DG Pensions Board
  13. Hon. Christian Ahiakwo, two-time House of Assembly member, was returned for second tenure, not for hispopularity but on the insistence of former Governor Wike.
  14. Hon Ifeanyi Odili was council chairman during his administration. It was courtesy of Barr. E.N. Wike and out of respect for, and honour of the Odili’s.
  15. He appointed an Egbema son as Auditor General of Rivers State in his administration.

In politics, the Oliver Twist syndrome appears to be normal, but even at that, we have a local adage that says gratitude for a gift will attract more gifts. The good people of ONELGA are grateful to Barr. Chief N.E. Wike for the considerations he has made for ONELGA people in the past and this gratitude will undoubtably be perceived as what also led to the recent appointment of our Son, Bro. Felix A. Obuah as Co-ordinator of Abuja Metropolitan Management Council (AMMC) and will continue to lead to bigger and better considerations for ONELGA people.

Some of the signatories were awarded contracts and paid in full but failed to deliver on their respective projects, hence they are now looking for ways and means to collect more money from the current administration. For example, Wike awarded the contract to build modem General Hospital in Omoku and paid hundred percent (100%), but the contractor couldn’t deliver the project for commissioning. In February 2023, Gov. Wike paid an unscheduled visit to ONELGA and during an interactive session, someone mentioned the abandoned Omoku General Hospital. His response was “please don’t remind me of Omoku General Hospital Project. I paid I00% and I do not know why the Contractor did not deliver it for commissioning”.

Chief Oris Onyiri is the Contractor and was sitting in the front row- and clearly heard the Governor speaking. He lost his voice and for the first time he finds it, only to complain that Former Governor Wike did not execute any projects in ONELGA? The same man is now claiming that Wike did nothing in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni LGA. Who should the people of Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni LGA hold responsible?

Another ONELGA son,  Sir. Dr. Shedrack Akolokwu was awarded the contract to renovate and rebuild the NYSC camp at Nonwa-Gbam Tai, worth approximately a billion Naira. He executed it and enjoyed the proceeds alone without needing to collect signatures from any so-called elders. During the 2023 campaigns, he allegedly absconded completely and never showed up in any campaign in support of her, even when he saw that his own Sister, Prof. Ngozi Nma Odu, DSSRS was on the ballot. Today, he is the one who loves her the most.

There are many others who got paid but never attempted mobilization and never also completed their works. They are the ones standing at the mountain-top and screaming that Wike did nothing for ONELGA. It is just that we are in a terrain where silence is mostly perceived as consent otherwise, we would have preferred to give the malicious writers the silence treatment. On a second thought, it is also good that we respond appropriately so that Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni LG A will know who their real enemies are or who loves Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni LGA more.

Having responded, we have at least, been able to show to the people of ONELGA and the general public that over 70% of the signatories are major beneficiaries of His Excellency, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike’s love and benevolence who have made ingratitude their stock in trade and should hide their faces in shame. History has its ways and of course we already know that the same Odili and Governor Fubara will also be castigated by these political jobbers to find future lovers in politics. They have no pedigree and no integrity. All we can say to Barr. E N. Wike is that even as he is now in the FCT as Minister, he doesn’t need to worry because these same men will soon apologize to him, using the same medium. Assuming that signature collection meant the upper hand in politics, why would anybody doubt that those who have collected the signatures in the purported article of shame will be far behind when we look for signatures in ONELGA?

It would be better for them to maintain their personal businesses and not dabble into a matter that is far above their mental comprehension If they were wise, we would have said these words should be enough for them. Every day. they are moving from church to church, praying and offering thanksgiving while Working tirelessly to dismantle Wike. We wish them well in their new-found association, one that has been cobbled together to earn new means of livelihood but forgetting that the man whose reputation they are struggling to tarnish was also made and blessed by the same and that just like them, we are also worshipping and praying to Him.

Dear Nigerians and Rivers people, just like we said earlier, aspiration and political alignment are the rights of everyone and so the larger number of ONELGANS have chosen to align, and aspire along with Barr. Chief Ezebunwo Nvesom Wike, and our unflinching support, loyalty, and respect will remain with the man who has the most signature projects in ONELGA, and Rivers State at large. The man who has shown us love, the man who has given us worthy appointments and benefits, the man who is still giving us more: His Excellency. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, a worthy Rivers Son, Benefactor, and Mentor.

We hereby sign as follows:

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