Blaze Of Glory As Bonny People Celebrate Prelate Of CACN, Most Rev’d Dappa Opubo Abbey

…I'll Uphold The Dignity Of Bonny Kingdom – Prelate

History was made at the Captain Hart Major Chieftaincy House of Bonny Kingdom on Saturday, April 20, 2024 as the community gathered in a moment of grandeur and jubilation, to honor and celebrate the lifetime achievements in honour of the esteemed Prelate of the Christ Army Church Nigeria (CACN), His Eminence, Most Rev’d Dappa Opubo Abbey.

The event which held at the ancient Captain Hart Major Chieftaincy House, Opuwari in Bonny Local Government Area, resonated with an atmosphere of reverence and gratitude for the Prelate’s exceptional leadership and commitment to upholding the dignity of the Bonny Kingdom.

The ceremony was a harmonious blend of tradition and joyful festivity, reflecting the deep-rooted cultural heritage and the shared sense of spiritual devotion within the community. It marked a homecoming for great sons and daughters of the Captain Hart group of Houses who came from far and near to witness the epoch making ceremony.  For the Christ Army Church of Nigeria, it was a day to savor as they came in their numbers to observe a blend of tradition and spiritual exaltation.

With a spirit of humility, Most Rev’d Dappa Opubo Abbey addressed the gathering, acknowledging the greatness of God and expressing his gratitude for the overwhelming support and recognition bestowed upon him.

He praised the Head of the House, Se-Alabo Reginald F.P. Hart, noting his qualities as a father, uncle, visionary leader, and advocate for the grassroots. The prelate commended the dedication and commitment of the prestigious Captain Hart cabinet, who spared no effort in organizing the momentous occasion.

The significance of the day could not be overstated. It marked a milestone not only in the life of Most Rev’d Dappa Opubo Abbey but also in the history of the Captain Hart group of Houses.

“I wholeheartedly express my sincere appreciation for the invitation extended to me, my family, and the honorable representative of the Degema/Bonny Federal Constituency, Warisenibo (Rep) Cyril Godwin Hart, whose presence added joy and significance to the celebration”, he said.

Most Rev’d Dappa Opubo Abbey took the opportunity to extend his gratitude to his ministers, including Venerables, Canons, Priests, elders, and advisers from various local governments, who made the effort to be present. Their unwavering support and sacrifices exemplified their dedication to the prelate and his mission.

He assured them that celebrations and joyous occasions would remain a constant in their lives, guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Addressing the congregation, the Prelate said, “Let me emphasize the importance of honor and service to God. It is my belief that, as you honor and serve God, He would reciprocate the honor bestowed upon you”.

The prelate offered prayers and blessings for the members of the Captain Hart group of Houses, expressing his conviction that God would honor each individual.

He commended the women of the House, particularly Adango Ere, for their efforts in making the occasion vibrant and aesthetically pleasing. Most Rev’d Dappa Opubo Abbey conveyed his belief that God would elevate them to the same level of beauty and favor.

Grateful for the unyielding support of the emeritus governors who had stood by his side since his tenure as the pioneer governor, the prelate encouraged all present to continue protecting and representing the Bonny Kingdom with integrity and dignity. He urged them to avoid engaging in behaviors that could tarnish the reputation of the House.

Most Rev’d Dappa Opubo Abbey expressed his appreciation for those who would follow in his footsteps, assuring them that their good works would carry on the responsibility of the House. He extended his gratitude to his family, friends, and well-wishers who joined the celebration, bestowing blessings upon them.

In conclusion, the prelate emphasized his reliance on their daily prayers and commitment. He vowed to seek God’s guidance in all his decisions, acknowledging the challenges of serving a diverse congregation spanning across Nigeria. Most Rev’d Dappa Opubo Abbey pledged to uphold the dignity of the Bonny Kingdom, the Captain Hart group of Houses, and the church, expressing his deep pride in his family. He regarded the honor bestowed upon him as a tribute to the entire family, urging all to live upright lives that would leave a lasting impact on others.

The celebration of the Prelate of Christ Army Church Nigeria by the Bonny people marked an extraordinary chapter in their history, emphasizing their unity, reverence, and unwavering support for their esteemed leader.

Earlier in his welcome address, the Chief and Head of Captain Hart Major Chieftaincy House of Bonny Kingdom, Se-Alabo Reginald F.P. Hart (MON, Jp) Capt Hart XIII, expressed the profound significance of the event and the exceptional achievements of the Prelate.

He emphasized how the occasion marked a new epoch in the history of Captain Hart Major Chieftaincy House, honoring two distinguished sons who have excelled in their respective fields and described them as worthy ambassadors not just for the House and Bonny Kingdom, but for the entire Rivers State.

Se-Alabo Reginald F.P. Hart praised the Prelate’s remarkable journey of leadership, from being the first Youth Governor of Captain Hart Major House Youth Association to his elevation as Prelate. He commended Most Rev. Abbey’s spiritual insight, unwavering faith, and dedication to serving God and humanity.

“We expressed our gratitude for Most Rev. Abbey’s humility, advocacy for the marginalized, and his efforts to foster understanding and respect among diverse communities”, he said, and concluded with blessings and prayers for the Prelate’s continued guidance and strength in their service, and the hope that their legacies would inspire future generations.

Speaking on behalf of the Synod of CACN, Synod Secretary, Rev’d Endurance Duke, expressed joy and gratitude for the recognition bestowed upon Most Rev. Dappa Opubo Abbey. He highlighted the rarity of such events and emphasized the significance of honoring one’s own.

‘The Prelate, Most Rev. Abbey had proven himself worthy through his dedication and service, both in the Captain Hart House and in the Christ Army Church Nigeria”, he affirmed.

The Synod Secretary went on to explain how the Christ Army Church Nigeria recognized Most Rev. Abbey’s worthiness and supported his elevation to the position of Prelate.

He recounted the journey of Most Rev. Abbey’s progression from Bishop to Archbishop, and finally, to becoming the President of the Christ Army Church Nigeria.

Rev’d Duke attributed these advancements to the grace of God and expressed confidence in Abbey’s leadership, stating that the church could rest assured with him at the helm.

In conclusion, Rev’d Duke extended heartfelt congratulations to Most Rev. Abbey on his breakthrough and affirmed that he was the right person for the position, praying for God’s blessings of wisdom, understanding, and patience to guide Most Rev. Abbey in leading the church.

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