Lawyers Hold Maiden L. E. Nwosu Memorial Lecture

….As NBA Chairman Emphasizes Specialization

Senior and junior lawyers from the Bar and the Bench have convened for the maiden memorial lecture in honor of the late Lucius Ezeaka Nwosu, S.A.N. (1953–2022). The event, held over the weekend in Port Harcourt, focused on “The Use of Courtroom Advocacy in Addressing Environmental Issues.”

Speaking at the event, the chairman of the Port Harcourt Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Mr. Viktor Ibim Benibo, Esq., highlighted the exceptional qualities and contributions of the late Lucius Nwosu. He described Nwosu as a highly skilled professional, a founding member of the Port Harcourt Branch of the NBA, and a renowned authority on environmental law.

“I want to inform you that late Nwosu was not only a founding member of the Port Harcourt Branch of the NBA but he was a renowned legal expert on environmental law. In fact, he was an authority in environmental law. Many plaintiffs and applicants, as well as communities, benefited from his legal input and expertise,” Mr. Benibo stated.

Mr. Benibo emphasized the importance of specialization for success in the legal profession. He advised young lawyers to determine their focus early, whether in criminal, civil, or environmental law, as Nwosu did. “The road to becoming a successful lawyer is specialization. Let aspiring lawyers know what they want and remain focused and not be distracted.”

Regarding the upcoming NBA elections, Mr. Benibo urged candidates to engage in issue-based campaigns rather than negative tactics. “For those nursing the ambition to lead the Nigerian Bar Association at the national level and in all branches, let them not embark on a campaign of calumny or pull him down syndrome. It is about telling the electorate or NBA members what you want to do for them and why they should cast their vote for you. In fact, in the NBA, we know ourselves and who is who. Finally, let aspirants or candidates remain focused.”

In his vote of thanks, the son of the late Lucius Nwosu, Mr. Zimizu Nwosu, expressed his admiration for his father, calling him a man of honor who served both God and humanity well. He acknowledged the difficulty of stepping into his father’s shoes but assured attendees that the family and associates would work tirelessly to sustain his father’s legacy. He also announced that the memorial lecture would become an annual event. Mr. Zimizu Nwosu thanked Mr. Ibim Benibo, other lawyers from various branches, the organizers, and all those who attended the maiden memorial lecture.

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